We are in trouble guys

We are about to go out of the top 100 teams with F@H if we dont start folding much faster we are not going to stay in the top 100:( :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Sorry by accedent posted thread twice someone please call a moderator to delete it SORRY

okey no probs :slight_smile: stoped at the moment the rosseta und lhc crunching and add my P4 for a few days to folding


There will be a dual-core P4 3Ghz joining the effort very soon :slight_smile:

The more the better anyway can sombody tell me how to get that stats box as a signiture


broke the URL to stop it from being used.



I’m folding super fast… got some 700+ point wu’s in the mix now but 6+days to completion. All my machines are folding 'cept for one doing Rosetta and Predictor.


Email all your friends, family and everyone to join, ask businesses to join, your kids school even the president, WE NEED TO GET PEOPLE TO JOIN

SLiM has returned first unit :woot:

Nice big 600 pointer as well - and I think the other three units on that machine are 600’s as well :smiley:


We dropped to number 98
We have to do something

You are looking at the stats with both Google and the Combined stats (team 0) we are still 96th. Look at your sig :wink:

Might be able to find a few CPU cycles.
Gimme a few days.

Theres a few of you needing a good stomping anyway.

Ok but we are still in trouble

we just need to hold out to the 5th June - then we may be seeing a rather large increase in the teams total outputs from somewhere :devil: :chuckle: :Plot: :sneaky:


Have 404 more points to help out.
More to come.

Bullseye :moon:
Charlie1 and Brian Leahy listen carefully . . . . :stomp: time soon

been watching you pull closer, was just hoping to get a few stomps in for myself before you got here :smiley: :smackbum: