Weak passwords notice

Latest patch information

In this version, users may no longer set their password to be the same as their username. Users affected by this will be forced to change their password on their first login. Additionally, a tool has been added to the Admin Control Panel to reset these users’ passwords.


Cheers DT :thumbsup:

Thanks for the Heads Up.

Way to go DT!!!

Whatever you do, don’t do one of them things that forces you to change your password every often, does my head in :lol:

Good to see your keeping her up to date :slight_smile:

Agree with Peige, but I am relatively happy with my password (I can remember it which is always a start!).

Thanks for all you do, DT :thumbsup:

no intention of a password policy :puke: :slight_smile:


Good man, one of my customers forces me to change mine every month… so i have two now for them :chuckle:

Too many passwords these days, tis a nightmare :sigh:

I hate having to do that for work. So when I’m forced to change one, I go through and change the rest of them at the same time so I only have to remember 1 instead of 4 different ones.

Yeah, I just changed mine from "password’

Naughty me;)