web page image view

I’ve amate, bit of a good photographer and he wants to show his works on the net, sounds simple enough right? Well as you can guess by me posting on here, no. His images for a large part a pannoramic.

What he’d like is when an image is clicked that the image is enlarged on the screen, much as would normaly happen when you click on an image of that type, BUT what he’s then after is for the image to scroll, from one side to the other, then to return to it’s original status.

I can’t for the life of me find anything that will do this, has anyone got any ideas? there are plenty of pannoramic 360 viewers but thats not what he wants, I feel I may end up doing something in flash which I have no idea about.


is it refreshing to have me not ask an access question?

How about something like this Damski
motion gallery

I’d looked at that type of thing as I’d used similar before, and because it requires user intervention I’d discounted it, I think I may use it anyway and tell him it’s the most flexable solution (and easiest for me)