Web page too long

I’ve been creating my new style web pages (I am coding using Notepad again) using CSS, some javascript and I’m getting there with the design except for the fact that even though I specify a height for the main container DIV, the page seems to scroll down way beyond what should be the end of the document. Here is the test page:


I think it’s to do with the positioning of the speech bubble DIV elements, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?

Cant see the webpage I’m afraid.

You should now that I’ve put a dot in instead of a comma!! :doh: :smiley:

style.css line54

height: 100em

your container div has height of 86em :wink:

Ah! That would certainly do it. :smiley: Cheers DT, I’ll have a play when I’m back home. That’s the only thing I don’t like about segregating style sheets away from the main docs. I keep forgetting to refer back to them, that’s why I’ve tried to include as much of the style in the main doc on each DIV just for quick tweaking.

Firebug is my friend :slight_smile:

…and mine, but stuck with IE at work :frowning:

look for firebug lite :slight_smile: