Website Admins targeted by scam

People running their own websites are being targeted by a scam that tries to get them to reveal their upload passwords and site details so that they can be taken over by a malicious hacker and infected with downloadable files. These would then compromise an computer which visited an affected site. The perpetrators of this scam appear to be trying to capture the FTP user names

Site owners at more than 90 providers have been targeted at suppliers such as, and amongst others. Details are on the Washington Post site linked below as is a site which advises website owners how to make sure that their own site is free from risk.


Washington Post: -

Stop badware: -

:lol: Admins that fall for that one shouldn’t be admins.

I was warned about this by my web host, so it must be prevalent

Hmm newbies got to love the scams. Just think if all the Black Hats got real jobs, and made real living instead of hurting people…wow what a web that would be…not virus, trojans…wow no patches…