Website video embedding like Youtube

One of my guys who I built a website for is looking to include a video of him cutting down trees and such on a web page. I know how to embed a .swf video, but it has no play/stop/rewind controls in it. How do you create one with these controls?

It needs to be in the SWF. I use SWISH for Flash stuff - cheaper and works well.

Thanks Greg. I’ve already converted an AVI file to MOV and SWF using CinemaForge, embedded both in a webpage but only managed to get the controls to appear using Quicktime. I would prefer to use the SWF file, but don’t know the HTML coding to embed it and show the controls. Surfed around, but can’t seem to find the right code for it. Any ideas?

In the SWF internal you need to place the controls. I place Buttons on Button for Play, STOP etc. So on the HTML you can’t do anything.

Have you an example at all please?

How about uploading it to YouTube and embedding that?

That’s a possible option I suppose Michael, but ideally I’d like it directly on the guy’s website, so as to retain full control over the content and not depend on Youtube and their whims.

Found a simple Open Source solution that works well.


Download the zip file and extract it, open up the code generator.html file input your required parameters and click Generate Code. Just need to input the code into your page HTML and copy across the AC_RunActiveContent.js file and the player.swf file to the same folder and off it goes. Dead easy and works well.

Big swish fan myself. Use both Swish Max and Swish Video for final outputs…
and as of today I have two new toys… Pro Photo X3 and Pro Video X3
Blows my old X2’s away from what I can tell so far.

Anyhow droid I have a Moyea flash video program I don’t use anymore if you still need a program, or happy to convert and send code.