do any of you know where i can build a free website and host it from free???


i host my own :)… but of course, if your computer is off so is the site…

how do you host your own and do you have to pay and does anyone know where i can get a person to build a site for me as i am no good at them

i could build a site for u, depending on what u need, and what styles…

it costs for the Domain name anyway
and it cost to direct the DNS to which then redirects people to me,
and i pay a little extra for * email addy…

but i like the fact that i have complete control over my webhosting and stuff…
allows me to play with websites LIVE, without having to upload stuff and update stuff all the time

i have found a free hosting place on the internet so if you could please build a site for me i will be greatful i am trying to set up a radio website do you know how to make one of those???

never tried… how are u running the radio? if its a simple enuff system, i shuold be able to intergrate it within the site, but ofcourse i will have to see

i think it is winamp or somesort of system like that.

a radio as in streaming site costs in royalty fees to run, search on here for posts by username George as he runs

It’s pretty techie :slight_smile:


Winamp, Windows Media Player, RealOne, iTunes, and JetAudio. any of these program will work

As DT says… a radio site will use a fare bit of bandwidth, so I doubt a free hosting site will allow that, best way to build a web site is do it yourself, do a google search there are plenty of guides to help you get up and running.


i have tried before but all mine end up being no good as other websites usually are so i keep on giving up in the end

If you are trying to build a site to advertise your station, its not too hard. I did one for mine some time ago:


did you have to pay for the music and that for the legal part?

it also requires an ISP account with out the “no server clause” which is pretty much any residential ISP.

All the music I play is totally legal…nothing is copyrighted or unauthorized for trade or play. The focus of my particular station is Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree. Ive got hundreds of live recordings from them that are all legal and freely tradable bootlegs.


UM bootleg by defintion copyright infigment.

They arent…as long as the band doesnt have a problem with people taping and trading shows. The line is crossed when people try to profit off these unauthorized recordings. There are many websites where bootlegs are freely traded and shared openly and with the knowledge of the bands.


you got it backwards. The band does not need to object, you need to get spersific permission, not obtain the permission first means your breaking the law

Sigh…Im not going to debate this…bootlegs are perfectly legal…I can literally point you to dozens of sites that openly share and trade them with not a single problem from the RIAA or any bands at all…if the bands and labels dont care and no one is profitting from it, there is no problem…