Kristine and I got married on saturday:trophy::trophy:

A good time was had by all involved, and pictures to follow later today:D:D

Congratulations to both of you Endre :clap:

Can’t wait to see the pics :thumbsup:

Congrats Endre! :thumbsup:

not long now Hids :wink:

congrats to you both :slight_smile:

Congrats Endré (Fine name that! I know 'cos… :))

Think you’ll have to shout louder at Hids. NOT LONG NOW HIDS ! :smiley:

Not that she’s nervous or anything. Nah.

many congrats to you both Captain :smiley:


Here is some pics :slight_smile:

Congrats :slight_smile:

Some more pics

major congratz there, some lovely pics also

Gratz M8y

Great news Endre. You’re a lucky guy m8. Congrats to you both. :nod:

Great pics Endre :thumbsup:

Congrats Endre…

Looks like wedding fever in TPR this year… first me, then Endre, next Hidds…:smiley:

Congratulations to both you and Christine (sp), Endre, some nice pictures there.


P.S is that your captains uniform? suppose now there will be no more msn sessions form the middle of the north sea.