Week of December 12th, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank 91 - Oh well down one…

Points 24Hr Avg 10,867 (316 Down) AGAIN!! :frowning:
Points Total 5,336,926
WU 76,195 (Nice Jump of 439)
Active Users: 21 - Ok…better then last week…but with D2OL down …:stuck_out_tongue:
Total Users : 110 (Nobody New)

DT, Mortlake Ok so they have more Zooom then we do…thats ok! :wink:
JUGGY, Wolf, Mulda, STEP2000, Alta, Kamiles, Peige, Crazydude, Beren the group that just keeps going, and going!
Fadamor /OHS…I saw life then it’s died again…
Riddlermarc (MIA) :eek:
Speedo - making moves
Welrod45, Patrifer, Neal & Bride, Avix1, Charlie1 & Abie (?) - computers in gear…
Stats taken from http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&t=315

Hey we got stomped…shift out of low people…ZOOOOOOMMMM

Thanks for the update Greg :thumbsup:

Nice one Greg :thumbsup:

Down a place :confused: Now then let me see… :lol: nope, nothing from me apart from apparent slacking as a load of the diskless nodes have big points units :smiley:


Thanks for the news Greg… I’ll see I can squeeze a little more in the next few days :slight_smile:
eases a little more power to Folding

o.k now i’m confused ! I thought folding was now rossetta ? :confused:

Folding, Rosetta and Predictor are all similiar based protein folding projects . They differ in the model and aims of the projects, which targets to similate etc. The Folding@Home project are working on releasing a Boinc client and it is in testing as we speak, although they are going to keep Boinc and Classic running from what I gather.



Thanks Greg:thumbsup:, my production has been a bit low of late as I’ve been away from the office for 3 weeks and couldn’t baby sit my servers.

All back to normal now and full steam ahead.