Week of December 26th, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank 91 - Warning lights are down
Points 24Hr Avg 12,059 (1,644 Down)
Points Total 5,517,406
WU 77,270 (Up again 556 increase nice!)
Active Users: 21 - Ok…who went on vacation?
Total Users : 111 (Excellent a newbie) TPR_GIZMO 12/20 drop in Excellent!:wave:
DT, Mortlake, Juggy They just keep making us look good :stuck_out_tongue:
Wolf, Mulda, STEP2000, Alta, Kamiles, Peige, Crazydude, Beren
Ok so this group is just hard workers - I like being in this group :wink:
Also I’ll be celebrating one year at Folding on 12/31 not bad for one year!:smiley:
Fadamor /OHS…They still have issues…maybe we should pop for new routers!
Speedo, ike, Welrod45, Patrifer, Neal & Bride, Avix1, Charlie1 & Abie - computers working for our team!
Oh yea the new one TPR-GIZMO who is this lone new ranger coming in like a dust cloud ? :indi:
Stats taken from http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/user_list.php?s=&t=315
Like always gentlefolk have a great week, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Thanks Greg!
I got a 600 point wu as a Christmas present :smiley: hehe…almost as much as I had all of November :stuck_out_tongue:
Merry Christmas all and welcome Gizmo :wave:

:cheers: Greg :smiley:

The diskless nodes all getting and computing happily 600pointers :woot: So after a few lull days the output should in theory stable out :xfinger: That and the race means the first trial of which distro of nix to use in my new ltsp server is happening right this moment :smiley:


Thanks for the news :slight_smile:

Although now you have made me aware that none of my nodes are able to upload :flip:


Cheers mate:thumbsup: and welcome to our new folder:wave:

thanx for the news Greg :smiley:

and thanx for the welcome guys :slight_smile: i hope i can be a help to the team even tho i only have 2 part-time rigs crunching over the holidays.