Week of September 11, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank 90 - Later this week we will drop one…(NEED some D2OL users since it’s down to step on the gas maybe to hold off the stomp)

Apple Computer Stomp around the 20th will happen got to like that! :smiley:

Points 24Hr Avg 9,394
Points Total 4,366,529
WU 70,052 (We break the 70K mark) :smiley: :cheers:
Active Users: 25
Total Users : 107 (Up one) Patrifer joins the fun (Welcome)

STEP2000 Breaks 190K
Fadamor Breaks 230K
Alta Rica Breaks 150K
Neal and Gal Pal breaks 150K
SJ761 Breaks 25K

The IAN 's keep moving along nicely
Mortlake is also making the marks nicely

Tom Wilson should break 2500 later in week
Bullseye looking to be adding also…

Lots of movers lets see if we can get into the 10K daily range gang :smiley:

Stats taken from http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/team_summary.php?s=&t=315

Thanks for the weekly update Greg

thanks Greg - and :wave: to all those crunching Folding again, even if it is because D2OL had a nightmare, every unit counts.

Welcome back to Speedo as well :wink: :lol:


Thanks for the update Greg :cheers:

Keep up the good work Greg! :thumbsup:

Looks like I keep getting the larger units to cruch. I know that it takes longer but I get more more credits in return. I have one wu right now that has a deadline in early December. Whats the chances of having an error midway through the unit and losing weeks of crunching time?

Error…never unless you have a system that is well &*^#% up’d…
Just let it crunch away. Heck with Fall almost here you can use the computer to help heat the home a little…wait KY USA…ok maybe wait a few more weeks as a heater. Keep up the good work all! Time for Beer Yet?

someone mentioned beer :drink: :smiley:


Folding has a way of coping with that.

If a unit errors part way through (and this is natural for some units), then the client returns it for a percentage of the points you would have received for the complete unit :slight_smile:

Cool, was kinda worried about that, now I can keep foldin on 1 puter anyway :thumbsup: