Week of September 4th, 2005 Folding@Home News

Team Rank: 91 (Ok so we went down some…but looking foward we have great things happening) :smiley:
Active Users: 25 down from 31 High of late :confused:
Total Users: 106 (and holding)
24 Hr Point Avg: 9,537 falling from last report at 12,394 :frowning:
Total Points: 4,309,392
WU Total 69,818

SJ761 moved up a few
The Ian 's are moving around also…
Abie, Charlie1, Mortlake, Tom Wilson, Welrod45 - are all doing the TPR Climb Dance… (Love that Dance)

OHS looks to be moving again…and Double Top just keeps truck’n with great numbers…TPR-Wolf, STEP2000 Neal & Bride also have the hammer down…

Crazydude, Kamiles and others are also on the RADAR…

So all and all we just keep moving forward…I’m thinking we need a little NEAL help…so all you posters… :Poke: send them our way!!! :nod: :nod:

Thanks for keeping us updated.
Steve B.

:cheers: Greg, my numbers may fall a touch, but as always when the machines are back sorted there is way WAY more horsepower running now :sneaky: :chuckle: :Plot:

I just need a couple of hours spare rather than working and you’ll be looking in your rear view mirror soon :smiley:


Is anything coming through from me? I should have at least 3 active processors running :confused:

numbers are coming through for you

in fact - this post may as well double up as your 48 day “DT’s gonna stomp ya” parpage :lol:

Neal and Ren you have 38, but with the unused machines currently in build`em status that will get shorter for you both :smiley:


I shall busy myself cleaning my space for you, DT

NOT! :stuck_out_tongue: