Week2 - damn I can be a git

first week

Week 2
An away match and I get there just in time and as I’m knackered and just finished a conf call from work that ended up with more work on my desk -I dropped out of the singles.

So the doubles come along and we are losing, not deservedly, but the team is down 2-4, so wihtout my knowledge I get picked, and although very nice I get paired with the lady in the team and probably out of those playing not the strongest player …


I had a good game at last and she played the best in scoring I have seen her play tbh, and we needed to as we were drawn against the two strongest players of the opposition. 44 left - I walked up and felt it was my game, two darts = 1-0 to us. They had over 200 left :chuckle: (I scored less than 80 once) The second or so of silence in the pub was so sweet when I hit the double, the “holy carp” effect :lol:
Second leg, no messing continue where we left off, first throw of a ton from them, fair enough, I can do that :lol: and it was a follow game where they had the throw. We got in front just by Caroline hitting 115, and I got left 12, but the doubles are all the same size when you are playing well, booomph 2-0 :woot:

I do love being the underdog and it brings out the best in my game, those games where you are written off. That’s kept my 100% record :trophy: The real shame it our best two players were in a doubles pair and lost the last game to give them a 5-4 win :cry:

A happy DT :woot: (:wasted: a little bit:lol: )