Weird Jobsite Ad....?

Got this job ad come up on one of my searches and it looks distinctly dodgy to say the least. The spelling and grammar are bad considering the role is for a 1st line support role in a school! They are an agency (trentpearce dot co * dot* uk), but their website has no information other than phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Is it me or does it look wrong?

Just a piece of the ad

IT Technician (school environment, 1st line, 2nd line, desktop support)

I am working with a reputed school, located in Bath, who is looking for a high calibre IT technician to join their friendly IT suppor team. The school has about 600 computers (inc 100 laptops). The work will involve various task including 1st line to 2nd line support to moving equipments and fixing computers.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • At least 12 month hands-on experience in IT support (mainly 1st line and Desktop support, some experience in 2nd line support would be of an advantage).
  • Technical knowledge: Windows operating systems, 2000/XP, Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Exchange), some knowledge of server support is of advatange but not necessary.

It looks like someone has set up the advert to get info, but give none back, like a scamming site. What do you think?

A lot of agency places do place bogus adverts - found that out during my time job hunting early last year.

A certain Agency in Stoke on Trent still had the same jobs posted up on there own website with same reference etc etc some 4 months after I looked at them again.

Alot of it is to get you to send your CV’s in as many agencies also push this info around to other Agencies.

That said being for an education establishment you should also see that listed under the Job section of your local County council’s website so worth checking that.

Likely hood is its listed there and there attempting to be a middle man at the candidates loss verse applying direct.

I’d be tempted to ring and ask if they had any vacancies for ‘proof readers’ :slight_smile:

…or Engrish teachers