welcome screen

Anyone know how to change the windows ‘welcome’ page image without installing any software or masses of hacking?

I know you can change dialog text and background pic, not sure what else can be done.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Is the gen place that the settings are stored.

you’re in the right area PMM, it’s the key UIHost, and from what I recall you need to make an exe in order to point it at, there are freeware tools to make such an exe if you look hard enough.


there is a tool that allows you to “decompile” the logon screen into its components and then edit to suit your needs, i cant remember what its called, and i dont have it on my work machine, but if no one has got the anser by tonight i will post up the name of the app and a link if i can find it :slight_smile:

Resource Hacker is the one you are thinking of I think. Should have posted here, passed that one on to Dammo in irc.


yup thats the one, thanks dt