Welcome to the new member to team Darts!!!

Hiya DoubleTwelve !!

I’ll sort ya out for joining VTD now that you are in TPR :thumbsup:

Next step - to go get my ickle sister crunching as well - I know she liked the pics of my Nephew jumping on me at Mojo’s. Comments made of taught him well etc etc … :mad:

Anyway - back on track - welcome to DoubleTwelve, and may your p2-350 crunch merrily with its 14hr average time…knowing my luck you’ll find a signal candidate before me …



Hello there Double twelve :wave:

May your crunching be long and plentiful :slight_smile:

Welcome to TPR :wavey:

Welcome to TPR DoubleTwelve :wave: time for a :drink: me thinks

Welcome to thr forum Double Twelve. Have FUN here. :smiley:

Welcome :wavey: