Welcome to TPR - Michael Roberts

Welcome Michael :wavey:

Welcome Michael, please drop in and say hello:cheers: :wiggle: :wavey:

Welcome to the team!! :cheers:

Howdy Michael Roberts! :wave:

Hello M@tt, Endre, Egad, MAOJC, everyone. Thanks for the welcome. I am another refugee from Skz. My computer is currently off most of the time, so no new units are being processed, but perhaps that will change later.

Welcome aboard Michael Roberts. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Welcome to the team! :wave:

WELCOME Michael Roberts to the nut house

Welcome to the team. Have Fun. :smiley: :bounce:

Hi there m8, welcome over to TPR :wave:

Hello and welcome :wave:

If he can have a banana, he sure can have a turnip:p

Welcome to the Team:cheers:

Sir Ulli

Welcome to TPR:wave:

Welcome to the team :wavey:

Gidday et bonjour :wavey:

Welcome :smiley:

Welcome Michael. :thumbsup:

welcome m8 :thumbsup:

welcome dood :wave: