Well I took the plunge and...

Got myself a Dell Mini 9 Netbook :slight_smile:

With the laptop battery finally kicking the bucket and it being a good 4 years old anyway I decided to drag myself down to pcworld and have a general browse around to see what was generally available and have a play about with them.


  • Lots of laptops… {Too big}
  • Lots of laptops ok size… {Too Expensive}
  • Lots of netbooks… {I’m too fussy}

Then I find some others not with the other computers (I.e. the ones they try to sell you a VodaPhone contract for example.

And there it is was… After having a play with one before belonging to somebody who works for Vodaphone and playing with it again I convinced myself that this Dell Mini 9 was indeed the one for me :slight_smile:

However Icing on the cake being… got it at the 15% VAT price as it was re-adjusted at the till


Its the VodaPhone type version with the Inbuilt Gizmo and sim slot.

{{Seems either nolonger an exclusive to VodaPhone or PCWorld have some special deal going due to sell VodaPhone Contracts instore.

So got myself that version without any contract and future proofed myself into the bargin knowing I have no hassle other than getting a sim one day.


Got a few tweaks done to help the SSD performance and pretty chuffed with it :slight_smile: useable desktop in 30 seconds ok not lighting fast but fast enough and much more responsive than my old PC.

Plus I can also type quicker on the smaller keyboard then my main rig :slight_smile:

The SD card reader slot is pretty quick got some nice speeds off the SanDisk III card think I might get the newer 35Mb/s card and use that as a permenent scratch/cache/tmp file drive and point FireFox’s Caching system to it.

Its only XP home 1GB Mem 8 GB SSD - but for what I need it for its seems more than ideal :slight_smile:

PMM = Happy :slight_smile:

//edit and just to add… No Spinny HDD noises & No Fan (All passive cooled)

Where’s it all going to end.

It started with watches that were calculators, then we had mobile phones with address books. Soon there were PDAs with PC type software capability. Then phones became PDAs with cameras, MP3 players, browsers, GPS recievers etc and talked to PCs - (but the older generation couldn’t use them because the screens were too small). At the same PCs became games machines, DVD players and TV tuners. Some became smaller and grew phones. Games consoles started thinking they were video players and PCs, whilst PCs branched out into being nix hard disk video recorders and digital TV tuners.

  • what’s the ultimate format solution is it one device or many specialist devices communicating. Will it be implanted or will we live in it. :chuckle:

…and will it make coffee :lol: …

… and crunch

Oh and should this post be in the Cantina :Offtopic:

I’m still waiting for my fridge with a computer in it so I don’t have to go shoppping :smiley:

Im still looking for a woman like in the Stepford advert :wink:

Intesting… this is Eee territory right? Any idea if the Vodaphone bit is locked or not? The screen resolution of the orignal Eee is putting enough of a crimp that I don’t like to use it. Impressions on practical battery life yet?

Not got into the nitty gritty yet… But yes Eee type machine Screen res I think is the same 1024 x 600.

Same size as my Psion 7 … Laptop in the Below is 12" display

Its also interesting how technology moves on because… That Mini 9 has better performance than my Laptop 1.2Ghz Centino but the price of the laptop 4 years ago was £1500 :eek: ((I did not pay that back then)).

//edit… Just ran a app on the Mini 9 that I run on the other Lappy a sound diagnostic tool on the lappy its consuming some 80+% processor… Mini 9 (30-40%)

Interesting one at the mo is the system (in Task manager) Old lappy sits at 8% Mini 9 quite active when running that application hitting 30% itself.

Hehehe…PMM, I may be joining you in the netbook category. I’ve got my eye on an Acer Aspire One…but we’ll have to see what Santa or the birthday brings :wink: