well it is used to communicate

hiya all,

i have had enough, had enough of :bigdump: handsets that fail after a year (usualy made by a certain telecomms company that everyone loaths). so im looking for recomendations…

im after a 3-4 cordless handsets that have proper (mobile like) contacts information including caller display and most important… an anser machine that can be turned off (not just set to 20 rings before it picks up.

i dont want to spend the earth on them but i wont buy any more bt cr@p

so anyone able to reccomend me some home phones?


had bt ones for years here, work fine, what have you got (did you have?)

/edit: BT Synergy 3505 handsets we have here

we currently have some bt dect set but they drive us both nuts. no idea what they are as they so bad they only have BT and dect written on them

I know it’s BT but these seem to match your specs - they’re basically the later model of what we have.

might be useful if only to compare others against :slight_smile:

bt dect units here, had them for years


We’ve got a Panasonic that has phone book, keeps record of last 10 numbers called and last 10 calls received. Not sure what our model is, but it doesn’t have an answer phone (I use BT’s 1571). I’ve found it a very nice phone :smiley:

We have the Panasonics at the office, very nice. Also can’t remember the model number:(

I recently bought a Panasonic system with four handsets + answering machine base for $100 US. Model number is KX-TGA931T. Works great.