Well Played STEP2000

Well done my friend. I see that you are now #2 in total points. :thumbsup:

Great going Greg! :cool: :thumbsup:

Thanks I just keep moving like always. Next month hope to replace a few cards and move up the GPU horses to GTX 970’s on a few boxes. Business keeps drag’n cash out of pocket on new venture so July should stop the out flow and shift back to inflow (fingers crossed)!

MD just getting to #3 later today and should keep trucking forward like always (Good Job). I built out one upgrade the other day and have more upgrades later in July to add. I don’t think I can catch Fiend unless someone takes all his toys away from him or they turn off electric, but knowing him he will just get 100 kids on peddle bikes to make electric for his pleasure, LOL! Also MD stop sending me all this wet stuff will you!

Thanks for seeing the #3. I thought there was a possibility of catching you however your output in the last week or so indicates you have added to your kit definitely eliminating any of my chances. As for your lofty goal of taking down the Fiend… the guy is a crunching beast, he will have to experience some pretty massive power failure for that to become reality.

Well done Step2000… :clap::clap::clap:

Can you catch me… we’ll see… be nice if we can keep these numbers going as we’ve stopped the free-fall and are slowly climbing back up the team rankings.

Well i lost 1 week of Bitcoin Utopia crunching under the TPR donation account after an updated driver screwed up something with my pair of ASIC’s. Moved them to another cruncher and now seem to be crunching away quite happily.