Well said that man (Riddlermarc)

Originally posted by riddlermarc
21 July 2003

As of 5:00am GMT

I’d just like to give a “big up” to the whole Team for their overall decorum these past few days in somewhat delicate circumstances… this isn’t the first time there has been some fallout from other Teams etc, and I know it’s tempting to give a bit of stick but generally we’ve been cool… nice going, drinks are on me :thumbsup: [/B]

Just in case people miss this trying to scroll their way down to the Top Tot as soon as possible :devil: I think “Well said that man” needs to be said.

Whilst as a fairly vocal opposer to the Darkside in the past (twas I that started calling them the same name as a popular T-Shirt manufacturer ;)) I was worried that we might go off and rehearse the same things we have done so many times before.

And I’m glad we haven’t :nod:

Now we just need someone else to pick on :devil:


I agree completly, events of the last few days could quite easily have degenerated into a huge inter-forum flamefest, which at the end of the day doesn’t do anyone any good.

Yes there is a bit of stick about the ocuk forums in the Darkside thread, but none of it is directed at the forum members themselves, just the way that board is run.

Big up 'nuff respect to everyone on here and on the ocuk forums for remaining civil to each other.

Indeed. Could have been really bad, but we all behaved nicely :slight_smile: Great one Chaps :thumbsup:

Could have been a real flame session but it was more of a smoky bonfire which many new members threw their old forum memberships onto.
Now that the bonfire has died down ashes are all that remain.

Cameras rolling . . . .
And Cue Phoenix . . . . .

We have teams to be stomping :nod:

Originally posted by MrTFWitt
[B]Cameras rolling . . . .
And Cue Phoenix . . . . .

We have teams to be stomping :nod: [/B]

Here here :slight_smile:

Yes, I think we have all done a good job of keeping the situation under control (and in one thread). We should all be proud of ourselves.

Aww shucks, ‘t weren’t nothin’ :blushsmilie:

Onwards and Upwards!!!