Well that was f*****g pleasant

Dropped my maid off to her mothers, tried to talk her into letting her other daughters come out camping with my family like we used to (she’s stopped the others seeing any of my family since before the custody hearings, and they’ve been asking when they can start going again), the old harpie was having none of it :shrug:, when i went to leave Holly was at full volume that she wanted to go with me.

And i mean full volume, not seen her like this before, she usually cries when i drop her off, but this was something different altogether.

The ex tried reasoning with her while she was sat on my knee, so Holly told her she didn’t want to stay with her and wanted to leave with me. She was adamant about it, she knows what she wants. (anybody with a 2 year old can tell you that they can already think for themselves)

But as she’s only just turned 2 in june what she wants doesn’t matter.

I parked around the corner for 10 minutes, then rang up to check she was ok, the ex couldn’t hear what i was saying cos Holly was still screaming for me :frowning:

We’ve got to put up with this until i can find another reason to get her back in court or Holly is old enough to be allowed to say her own piece in a hearing.

Feeling very f:censored:d off right now, on the brink of buggering off into town to start WWIII with the first person to get in my face.

Been doing a lot thinking over the weekend about how i need to stop the fued with the ex and start getting on with her better so things can get back to normal. So much for that plan :realmad:

Signing off to try and chill out before i do something stupid.


Something happens to them on the second go at birthday cake.
They can, in the blink of an eye, go from the most fun you can pack into something this high … . (waves hand about so high off the floor) to being a heartbeat away from being dangled out of the window till they agree with your point of view.

Kids I mean, not Ex’s :wink:

If you want to vent some angst, take up kick boxing or some other martial art. I’m sure the instructors will be able to take your best shots with ease. Just don’t go back next week :chuckle:

Pity you are having a night off, I reckon this is just the sort of question a DJ type person would know

you have my sympathies mate, mine goes from sane and calm to barking and making demands for new cars (and now a house) within 24 hours…

as an aside, went to a mates last friday night - his wife works until 10 so a few of us have a meal and a few drinks. he is the only one of 5 thats not having a divorce/ex trouble/baby problems etc. i sat back and listened for a few minutes and realised that we sounded like a womens coffee morning :eek:

so we went out saturday and got :drink: :drink: :drink: :drink: :puke: great stress-relief! :smiley:

I feel for you, SB. I work away from home a lot and the most heartbreaking experience is when they are crying for you to stay and you know you have to go.

You really must not do anything stupid, though. That would just strengthen her case that you are a poor father. As impossible as it might seem, you really have to play her game for Holly’s sake.

Out of interest - at what age do they take Holly’s wishes into account?

I would not wish to go through what you are going through for the world, m8. Come on here and feel free to vent your spleen if that helps you get through.

steve if you want to talk you know where we are m8 your always welcome here and if you want to take your mind off things i got loads of work for you :wink: