Well that's over for a while then

Guess after all it’s not coming home like so many have sang or posted everywhere

A good showing, we were a good team without anything super special.

Such a shame they didn’t put the chances away in the first half. And maybe if he had made some changes to the starting line-up things would be different.

But that doesn’t matter now. Time for the 3/4th place game.

next game will be about the fringe players all experiencing a “big game”.

It still annoys me that they spend more time passing the ball back than going forward. They seem to be afraid of taking on players one to one. A guy I went to Junior school with, Shaun Penny who eventually played for Bristol City was great at doing that. He would get the ball and then dribble it past other players and score. Awesome to watch as a 9 year old centre back.