Well that's them stomped!!!

After the sad loss of BigSheff I quit running the malariacontrol.net project as I thought it would be a fitting tribute to BigSheff that he remained top cruncher in that project.

I switched over to FIND@home, another malaria research project, and although work unit production is sometimes sporadic it has become my main CPU project with Rosetta and WCG my standby projects.

I only joined the project in January and already have risen to #40 in the project and in top 10 for RAC.

Team wise Galaxy98 is the only other team member crunching… and together we have managed to :stomp: those pesky Germans in P3D!!!

We didn’t manage in Docking… but we have in FIND@home!!!

Time to bring out the custard, it’s party time!!! :wasted:

Just thought id join in and give some units to the project :smiley:

Added my machine to this project as well. Crunched about 86000 units for Poem@Home, so a good time to change projects as well. :slight_smile:

Nice one lads… and it looks like they haven’t noticed us sneaking past!!!

Had a jiggle around with my graphics cards so now only running Nvidia cards in 2 systems and swapped around an AMD card to another system and the changes have boosted my POEM output by about 10% without effecting the number of cores on FIND@home… :smiley:

I have thrown another machine at it. All the machines running it are shared with Rosetta@home as that’s now my main project :slight_smile:

FIND@home is being run by the University of Dublin and the lad in charge of the project is moving onto another project, so there is a possibility that FIND@home will be finishing sometime in the future, possibly after the current batch of WU’s is complete. I’ll try and get TPR as high up the team rankings as possible, after that I’ll be switching back to Rosetta. We’re currently sitting at 10th in RAC and 30th in total credit and we should make the top 25 within the next month. :driving:

Those pesky knigits and their shrubbery are within our grasp as well… within the next 2 months we should catch them!!! :smiley:

Up to nearly 4000 units crunched since starting. Very short units involved and they did seem to get stuck until I manually updated for some reason. I will monitor them closely. Don’t want to lose ground at all :slight_smile:

Putting a few test units through now… I don’t tend to crunch in summer though.

Much appreciated Mackerel!!! :tiphat:

If you’ve run out of Wu’s don’t panic as there should be another batch coming tomorrow (6th Aug)

Tomorrow we will hit #25 as a team and those pesky knigits will be only one place above us and the :stomp: should occur within the next 40 days!!!

Right on! :woot:

Damn!!! It now appears as though those pesky Germans have upped output and are catching up… We should pass those pesky knigits in about 40 days, but a few days later those pesky Germans will pass us!!! :frowning:

Sounds like something for me to test the Skylake box on… once I finish winding down from a crunching challenge elsewhere. Probably start late tonight/early tomorrow.

Edit: looks like no work available at the moment anyway…

Well, bad news!!! We hit #25 and things started going a little pear shaped and we have now dropped 2 places… :frowning:

And even more bad news is those pesky Germans have leapfrogged us and their current output is double what we are doing… :frowning: