Well there goes my last Antec PSU

For a short while, I had a few Antec power supplies and was midly concerned about reviews on reliability, but was happy that one I had from ages ago was going strong.

So unfortunately for me I began to trust them … :nono:

In the last few months, Bullseye has had his go pop (which was a rma after the first one went), my 2.4xeon rig Antec went pop and finally today my2.8xeon Antec psu has gone as well.

I think a rough count I’ve now had 6 Antec power supplies (see above) and not one has lasted over 40months. :cry: I had myself all setup for a weekend of gaming, and now running on a backup PSU I can’t have my case fans, boinc, or two of my hard drives powered up of my gfx just simply does not get the juice :frowning:

Heck, I’m at the moment very close to doing a reserve and collect from PC-World :eek: How’s that a measure of annoyedness !!

TFW has Maxtor as a pet hate - I bagsy taking every opportunity to slam Antec.


Does that include the one in the Xeon rig I sold you a while back? That was my only Antec, and the only observation I had on it was how hot it ran. They seem to set fan speeds for low noise than cooling ability. Long term heat can’t be good.

yup, the antec was quieter than the replacement coolermaster I put into the xeon rig from you, but you could feel the heat from the psu on the top of the case, the coolermaster gets rid of it.

It’s been the same with all the other Antecs, one of the reasons I liked them so much, but also the reason now that I shall never be buying another one.


So what’s the record for killing an Antec? When I first got my Sonata case the included supply lasted about 10 minutes before it went bang (literally, it scared the crap out of me!)