Went for a drive to the mountains [Pics ++ ]

So the Type R was in need of a good drive and I though seeing as it was a nice evening why not go for a drive in the mountains and get some pics!
So to start it all off you need a car, here she is!:

Secondly you need a destination, so here that is:

The roads up here are amazing, long streches leading into lovely challengeing corners and twisties:

Due to the time of night it isnt really safe to venture on foot very far up the mountains, so I though I would go to a watch tower that was build by a Prince to safe gurad his kingdom, this is the area King Arthur and Tomb Raider II was filmed as well as currently Bollywood film and many other films:

he views from the watch tower:

Sorry but couldnt get a decent view as health and safety people have meshed the top of the tower up so people dont fall :tard: .

On the other side of the mountains is the castle and the sea around it:

And on the way home a stop at the bridge:

The castle and bridge are my main subjects for testing gear out, so if people want I have some winter nights illuminated pics of them both here.

While taking a few pics I heard the most godly car sound ever, and what parked next to me but this monster:

The guy was lost and needed some directions, two thoughs came into my mind

  1. Murder him, take car for spin, burn it.
  2. Ask for a ride

So I opted for number 2 and OMG I thought the ITR could handle the the twisties well but this beast was amazing, and the speed was just gut twisting, and the guy wasnt too keen on the idea of living to 40 as he overtook everything however safe it wasnt!

So got home and took a pic of sunset from the window to finish the drive off:

thank you for reading.

nice, nice and nice again :thumbsup:

Well I was transfixed by piccys 2 & 3 of the mountains
Dam I wished I lived there…

Now I wished I had that car :smiley: not toooo sure about the colour
blue though might need a respray too Red or Silver.

I’ve heard one of those at full chat at a trackday.
As far as awesome engine sounds go, it ranks a close 4th behind a classic 1930s Mercedes grand prix V12, Ford GT40mk1 and the Rolls Royce Merlin/Griffon engine. :slight_smile:

Now if only I could find a well paying job within an easy drive of the Brecon Beacons that didnt mind me taking the odd day off to go flying!


:slight_smile: Very nice there Bud! Great scenery, and excellent job with the pics.

Man I really wanna come over there someday. Beeeeutiful country

What a fantastic drive :drool:

That’s Caernarvon Castle isn’t it? Don’t think I’ve been there since I was about 14. Lovely part of the world.

Originally posted by Mincer
That’s Caernarvon Castle isn’t it? Don’t think I’ve been there since I was about 14. Lovely part of the world.

It is indeed Caernarfon caslte, ill have to get round to posting the night ones

I love the Welsh countryside, my Nan lives in Conwys and it’s a wicked drive up, plenty of jaw-dropping scenery :slight_smile:

… looks like one of the idyllic settings in Colin McRae Rally :slight_smile:

Aye makes ya proud to be welsh to see views like that.

Thats why no matter how many times the english stuff us at rugby or football, i still cant help but smirk as i think of the dank, dark, dysmal cityscapes most of the poor buggaz gotta wake up to every morning :wink:

Nowt like the green green grass of home is there boyos?


Took Kathleen’s cousin down to the indian ruins this weekend. The temps were 114F or about 46C fooking hot!

here is the ride:

here is the ruins