We're leaving the Little White Dog behind

Thanks to your efforts and putting crunchers on line we are currently out-producing the Little White Doggies who were slowly catching us up!! :stomp:
A sterling performance from you all. Well done guys :trophy:

Top banana everyone!


Just keep kicking that dawg 'til it howls :slight_smile:

and after a quick check it would seem I’ve built up some nice amounts of pending credits for return results so quickly :chuckle:

What poor timing for Predictor for fail :sneaky:


A-1 Job indeed everyone! :hail:

Boincstats has us outproducing them today :thumbsup:

Setisynergy stats still shows them outpacing us everyday for the last week though(stats not updated today yet) … so lets not let up now! :smiley:
With a little more we can put the doggies to bed and have lamb chops for dinner :chuckle:
maybe even take over as universe examiners :driving:

just had a look on boincstats compared to what I’ve actually done today - they have me down for getting 300credits, I work out just under 1000 :smiley:

Short lived though - as Predictor comes back the cpu time gets split…


~ 2250 per day here, & going up :slight_smile:


Predictor picked a really good/bad time to be down, good for our SETI team, bad for them :nod:

Synergy finally updated, we took the pups for about 3k today :thumbsup:
We’ll gladly take the extra cruch time while predictors getting staightened out DT :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeehaa, 570 RAC and going up. It’ll probably take 2 weeks for mine to level out properly.

Congratts guys, a fine effort by all.