Were the account passwords imported?

Hello all, I haven’t visited for a while. Sorry about the low traffic - I’m seeing it on my board too. FB and YT seem to have sucked up most of the chatty people. Along with twitter. Large corporations for the win.

Anyway, I logged in to update my email. Or tried to. My pw was not accepted. Fortunately, I still have access to my old email and could reset it. Fortunately, because there isn’t a contact form or admin email anywhere that I could find.

Were all the old passes lost in migration? And I suggest adding a contact method, perhaps on the About page. Or old users may find themselves locked out. Leading to still less traffic.


Passwords were not migrated to the new software and all users have been asked to reset, although some have reported not seeing the email as old emails were in use.

I’m glad you managed to access your old email and take on board the feedback - and welcome back after a while away!

We may send another reminder to users - and re-complete the admin task of then viewing all the hard bounces we get back.

There’s a Facebook group that a lot have asked me to join in order to check which emails the resets were going to - and some for an email to be updated.


Hope this helps,