What a great Christmas pressie :(

Short version

1st Jan = Unemployment benefit starts

Still not 100% sure I’ll be paid for December :cry:

Should be able to pull through, Becky goes to more hours as both kids are full time school and she was going to more hours anyway. That aside, things are gonna be tight. Crunchers are going off on next completed CPDN work unit, hoping I can afford to keep them, but we’ll see.


oh no, thats some terrible news, hope your gonna be ok and you dont spend too long sitting in the unempoyed line, tho i cant see you staying that way long, your far to good at what you do (drinking beer aside) and you know what they say, new year new opportunities :wink:

Bad news DT :frowning:
On the postive side if you do sell the crunchers, means you can buy a new farm of 3100+ semprons in the future :wink:

I’ve got a couple of things on the back burner already, but no-one realistically employs in Jan/Feb, so I’m planning for two months of contracting/temping.


really sorry to hear that mate… any previous customers of yours you could turn to for work?

As wyntrblue said though, you’re good at your job, so here’s hoping a new position won’t be hard to find - you’re in the right area at least.

if I hear anything I’ll give ya a shout… VB Programming wasn’t it ?

Sorry to hear that DT, hope a new job isn’t too far in the future for you.

Your right though, Jan won’t be a good time… but Feb should start to look better. Manufacturing is looking like its taking off again last quater, certainly for us the last two months have started to look better so lets hope that drives us into next year. :flip:

Think up some new revelationary idea and i’ll come work with you on it, anything to get out of printing :p.

I am very sorry to hear that, DT :frowning:

Here is a list of vacancies at Cap Gemini http://careers.uk.capgemini.com/HRPortal/Public/ViewJobs.asp

I work for EDS but a load of my friends were ‘transitioned’ to Cap Gemini earlier this year.

thanks for all the help in job searching :thumbsup:

Its been coming for a while, it just hit home bigtime this afternoon when I went to the office and we had a “company” meeting.

Its amazing how quickly a CV can get updated when you put your mind to it :nod:


Sorry to hear this DT :frowning: Know how you feel as Barry’s contract ends on 22 December, but hopefully the agency will have something near enough right away for him. Hope the same goes for you :slight_smile:

Best of luck. I’m sure you’ll succeed in whatever you so choose.

It was a bit sudden m8!! :shocked3:

But having been there meself, I know you’ll bounce back quickly enuff. :nod:

Bummer m8, but not the end of the world :grin3:

Happened to me a few years ago … Nov 29th redundant … Feb 3rd better job :grin3:

… and I aint as cleverist as you is, so you will be hokeydokey :rolleyes3

Bummer DT…best of luck, sure you’ll land on your feet!

Two Words, Linux positions. The hotest ticket over here right now. My phone is ringing off the wall, Even got a lead on a CTO position for a development company with Intel venture funding to create systems management software. The rates are climbing as well, I think the bottom is behind us.


Feel for you m8, fingers crossed on the job hunting.

early signs are good, as you say Maojc, Linux jobs are becoming rather abundant. Got a few in the pipeline and been looking at going self employed contracting for a bit as I’ve had so many offers for “I could do with someone to look after my PC’s one day a week”.

I’m looking forward to the new challenge tbh.


Just remember to get the contracts in writing. There was a guy here that charged a quarterly fee to do PC mainttainence. Easy to bill in advance if all goes well then lots of profitablity, did cause some cruch time at the end of each quarter though as the customer saw the hours unused, but what the heck a tight couple of weeks each quarter makes for easy time of a couple months at a strech.

You might look at LINUX conversion business. Gates new licenseing is kicking in more and more and people are looking for alternatives. I have boxes around that autoupdate linux packages, so that is no headache.

The conversions to Linux market does seem to be getting a lot bigger. MS may have found they have kicked themselves in the nads on the licensing model they are implementing. Auto updating linux is, as you say, not hard to do. The big thing for most of those who are thinking of moving away is they seem “scared” to make the jump. The big thing is to alleviate this and show how to maintain and update the server. Many firms want Linux but are afraid IF anything goes midly wrong it will cost them a fortune to get it fixed. I think that a decent ROI model should resolve this, and I have the hardware to show Linux operating as it should.

For now, get Christmas out of the way then look at the various opportunities that are presenting themselves.


Good luck to you DT in the new year. I’m sure you will land on your feet. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, ban Ellis from the top ten. :nod: