What a noisy sucker this is!!!!

Just booted up my bosses Advent PC in order to start backing up files in advance of the bios reflash…WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!

I thought something was loose in the case and the fan was touching it, but no. This machine has a whacking great cone coming from the CPU fan which sucks the hot air off the CPU, but what a blimmin’ racket it makes. I’ll have to ask him when I get back if it’s always been been like that.

I know for one that I couldn’t stand it. These PCs, taking into consideration the other issues, are really pants. How PC World get away with it, I’ll never know. :nono:

I used to sell a lot of Ebuyer stuff thanks to PC World prices :chuckle:

Does it have bios settings for the fan speed?

Probably options named - Hoover | LeafBlower | HoverCraft | Harrier JumpJet(rackmount only)

:lol: Not that I’ve found after a quick flick through the bios. There isn’t even a PC health status to check the CPU temps :rolleyes:

download speedfan and muck around with the fan speed percentages. see if you change them if it makes a difference. all it doesnt it drop the voltages to the fans in question and hopefully make it a bit more bearable

I did see a great fan noise reducing tip the other day…Volt modding the case fans by removing the wires and chainging the wires position in the plug socket. Can get a 5V and 7V fan, of which they’ll shift less air than standard. And thus less noise. I’ll dig it out if you need it.

Be interesting to have a look at if you can find it Chris. Cheers! :thumbsup:

With it being your Bosses PC and having no CPU temp monitoring I’d probably leave the wiring alone unless your already at the interview stage on another job

Indeed, if the boss hasn’t asked you to repair it specifically I’d leave well alone :nod:

iirc, standard molex connector = 4 cables, red, yellow & 2 black, 12V, 5V & 2 earth so, red-black = 12V, red-yellow = 7V, yellow-black = 5V.

If any of you remember my big blue watercooled case I had a switch setup on the front of that that meant I could switch from 12 - 7 - 5 - 0 , for the most part it ran at 5, I did run it at 0 for short periods of time but the db difference was nil.


Laggy bands usefull :wink: one or 2 on the fins can stop the zinggggg