What annoyed me today...


Going with the crowed here Bob, and go for it!

Note to self:

  1. Never have Bob help on projects.
  2. Recommend Bob to people I don’t like.
  3. Have Mandy buy the supplies for those projects.

Ok I got to get the Fein MultiMaster out to re-prep the bathroom.
Hey Bob want to help.


[QUOTE=MrTFWitt;460273]There are two choices at this point

  1. Get a 115mm core drill and use it as a powered attack chisel, may require safety goggles and stuff

  2. buy a vent kit that fits the hole and drop kick the one that doesnt fit over the hedge[/QUOTE]

  3. Don’t try to use an SDS core drill without the pilot centre - like I did :smiley:

  4. A bit of 4" soil pipe will fit the existing hole and likely fit nicely inside your tumble dryer hose. Bet you can’t buy a 12" length of it though so chat up your local plumber/builder.

Wonderful bit of kit :slight_smile: - how did we do stuff without them. I have the Bosch Multimaster copy.


[QUOTE=The Balrog;460321]1) Don’t try to use an SDS core drill without the pilot centre - like I did :smiley:

  1. A bit of 4" soil pipe will fit the existing hole and likely fit nicely inside your tumble dryer hose. Bet you can’t buy a 12" length of it though so chat up your local plumber/builder. [/QUOTE]

I had a pilot centre hole, it just happened to be 107mm in diameter!

I bought another kit with a telescopic pipe section in the middle.
As long as you put it in backwards and “drifted” the bigger section into place it was a perfect fit even with the outer fitment of the prevous kit.

[QUOTE=The Balrog;460321]
Wonderful bit of kit :slight_smile: - how did we do stuff without them. I have the Bosch Multimaster copy.[/QUOTE]

Hmmm, I think we need a “Show us your tools” thread.
I shall start one, beware the swarms of googlebots


I rang up O2 to see about adding a bolt on to my contract. 500MB of data for £6. Current contract is £15 with about 6 months to go until finish. To add this £6 bolt on, they want me to change tariff to a £21 contract which only offers me an extra 200 minutes over my current contract. And THEN they’ll add the data.
So to get a £6 bolt on, they want to increase my monthly payments by £12! Almost 100% more on my current contract!!

Shame cancellation fee currently stands at £105.06, otherwise I’d be leaving… So in summary, they don’t get any upgrade and a customer that will leave as soon as he can… What ever happened to retaining a customer base?!

Also today - was informed by the union that a jobsworth at the union had complained about some pictures on the airsoft site - and apparently there’s a union law on “promoting firearms”. In the end it turns out that we cant have any photos showing just the guns by themselves but having us shooting each other is allowed. How does that make sense?!


Being a matter of seconds too late to get past a broken down car that decided to burst into flames sending every body into a panic.

Calm down people, there was nobody in it and it was only a sodding Bini.

The irony was, by time the fire engines had arrived and managed to get past all the people walking up the middle of the dual carriageway to have a closer look :rolleyes: , the damned thing had almost gone out by itself.

Mild amusement was had from the local radio DJ choosing “stuck in the middle with you”

Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right


:haha: :haha: :lol:

/me goes to bed humming the tune



Fake Names, really! I am not the “PERSON” named on any Birth Certificate, which makes you property/subject of the state, I am a human being and am known as Warmheart amongst friends!



INSTALLING SUMMER… ███████████████ 44% DONE. Install delayed…please wait. Installation failed. Please try again. 404 error: Season not found. Season “Summer” cannot be located. The season you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later, thank you for your patience.



:lol: Sheffy. Having a bit of rain meself, but the garden needed it so:
Summer not found.
Load alternate node “garden fix”.
Garden fix initiated. Rain mode enabled.
Initiate countdown to re-check summer.
Countdown initiated…waiting


the instant SWMBO put on a summer dress = black clouds
she changed back due to being cold = suns out again :lol:

Need to convince her to wear a winter coat so I might be able to fix the car.



TALK TALK Business annoyed me today.

I used to be with Pipex for dial up internet.
Pipex was bought up by Opal which was then taken over ( or roughly from behind more like ) by Talk Talk

During all of this my email worked and this was the only bit I used, a pop3 mail server and nobody sent me any bills until I got a final snotty letter from Talk Talk saying “Five days to pay or we send in a debt collection agency”
So after a few days of phoning Talk Talk and thinking all this hold music leads me to believe they should be called “Ring Ring” not Talk Talk as nobody ever answers the phone EVENTUALLY I speak to a real (but harrassed) human being.
I make a payment, pay for the next month and ask for the service to be terminated at the end of the month.
Trouble is they swatted it there and then instead, within the hour it was gone.

What a bunch of cu
stomer focussed people they are.



Gear box oil

Its fairly unobtrusive stuff usually but when your 3 point turn has been abandoned due to “no reverse gear” syndrome and you get out to see the stuff slopping all over the road I can get annoyed by the sight of gear box oil.

This may be the last rites for the Ford/VW/Mazda bangbus.
I can probably fix it but I’m getting tired of doing so.
The bay of E beckons as does a make over with no more nails along the gearbox cracks and a trip to we buy any car


I had a pretty bad day today, Drove off to matalan to exchange a sunhat we got for holly which had fallen apart,
On the way back, I came to some traffic lights, and i realised I was on a box junction, The lady to my left on the side road was glarring at me as i had blocked her exit,
So i checked behind and decided i would roll back to let her out, I only needed to move back about a foot to let her out and as I began to move backwards,

“CRUNCH!” Yes, a Ford Focus decided he wanted to have a close look at my bumper,
I was moving 2mph and he was moving 20mph around the corner, the car to my right had blocked my view so when he did come around he apeard in my blindspot,
I should have triple checked but it was too late,

The driver side passenger door was wrecked, paint transfer and a whopping great big dent,
I parked up on the pathway and put on the hazards and aproched him,

He got out, taller than me by a few inches and very big built,
I thought he was going to absolutly kick my a$$,

I went over and I said I am so sorry dude, My mistake, I cocked up.
Ive just passed my test recently and I made a dumb mistake,

He said, it’s cool shit happens,

I said i am fully comp ill give you all my relevant details etc,
He did the same,

And the same woman I originally tried to be nice to in the first place bounced over and said to the guy, “do you want my details as a witness, I had the same thing happen to me and they said it was their fualt!”,

So the guy said, well he’s held his hands up and said sorry.
but she continued to rant a bit and gave her details and left,

I was shaken to the core, but he said try not to worry about it.

So knocked my confidence a little.

Strange thing is, the only damage to my car is a very small scratch on my bumper, no larger than a 5 pence peice. and seeing as the bumper is black plastic, it’s barely seen.

But suffice to say, I made a mistake, and I am more worried about what my insurance is going to do to me.
all I can say to them is sorry, please be gentle.

But ill just have to bend over and take it.

what a crap day :frowning:



Tour De France.

This is unbelievable!

That’s insane, wiping two riders out like that. Hope he’s sacked!


Trying to get my car back on the road…

insurance - £277.00 for the year THIRD PARTY only!
road tax - £280.00!!! for the year :furious:

Proton wira 1.5 on a 51 plate… damn thing was one of the last into the country before they changed the emission laws :sigh:


Sigh. The woman next door, in her late thirties, apparently had a pissed as-a-newt serious screaming fit at my 14 year old daughter
for laughing too loud at 9pm.

How did we find out? Not from daughter. She spent the evening cuddled up to me crying for hours. We found out by reading abusive messages to my missus from neigbour, and her mates on Facebook.

So I knocked on the door - no answer. Oookay. PM’d her on my missus’s account. No answer. So using my lasses account, I posted on
her wall, where the abuse came from, politely suggesting I’d prefer it she’d have a word, or even a good yell at me, and I’d deal with my
14 year old .Hey, I’m the dad. Y’know. Someone yells at me and I think “Oooh, look. A chicken.”

That’s when I met the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ ‘Do what I want, when I want, to who like I want and we’re gonna a get you sorted’ lot.

I’ve not replied, but, damn, it’s mesmerising. The chuffs actually exist…


Was expecting delivery of a new motherboard today…

Tracking info on my order show the consignment as being out for delivery on the Glasgow area… I live in England, not Scotland. The had given me the wrong consignment number when I emailed them about it.

Parcel delivered this morning. Thought the box was a bit heavy just to contain a motherboard… Box found to contain 17 “el cheapo” Spire CPU coolers… not an Asus motherboard!!! :furious:


Harsh, Hope it gets to you soon dude.


RCD popping evertime its rains, so its out at the weekend, split-load pahhh:idea:


The saga of the missing motherboard continues… Looks as though somebody put the wrong postage labels on 2 parcels… and my motherboard is up in Glasgow (failed delivery luckily)…

That parcel is getting redirected to my address. Now, considering it was coming from Lincoln to Cumbria and it has already gone from Lincoln to Glasgow via Birmingham, it now has got to go from Glasgow to their Carlisle depot via their Birmingham Distribution Hub.

I doubt I’ll use that store again, and I’ll certainly try to avoid using interlinkexpress!!!