What annoyed me today...


It appears my Jobseekers claim is taking forever to process because they believe I get given £450 a month by a lodger. I was quite certain I made clear I live in a shared flat and he pays the landlord just like I do. Useless c***s:furious:


no surprises there really, I swear they deliberately employ (or are forced to due to discrimination laws) people that can’t read or speak english or have an iq over 80 just so they can argue there’s “confusion” over claims to delay legitmate payouts.

I’ve still sick to death of all their antics even though I thankfully have little to do with them these days.


My inability to spell also seems to be something I need to sort out :rolleyes:


I’m annoyed with them too for a different reason. In July I sent off my resignation to them along with all my security/staff manuals (I was employed by Plymouth office, but have been on a career break for 4 years).

I tried phoning personnel (which is in Sheffield) on Monday as I’ve had no acknowledgement that my resignation etc has been received and certainly no P45. As far as personnel were concerned I was still on a career break, so I phoned the Plymouth office (which has also moved buildings since I started my career break) only to find out that my manager was no longer there…nice of her/them to tell me my point of contact had changed :rolleyes: Anyway, upshot is I had to wait on a phone call back from another manager (after being passed round various other people) who remembers seeing my letter and is sure that it was sent off to personnel but doesn’t know why they haven’t resigned me.

I never thought it’d be that hard to resign :rolleyes:


What annoied me today…


oh, we are going to give you a new computer system, we are going to roll it out over three months, we are going to convert all your accounts in stages over 3 months, oh, we are going to use data 9 months old to do it.

so I moved work place a month ago, my new work place aren’t due to migrate to the new systerm for 2 months, my old place went today…

3 guesses…

yep my account has been migrated… old account disabled, new account not enabled, no new equipment…

chances are it could take weeks to sort out…

hows a database manager supposed to work without a pc?


Virgin Mobile

What part of “NO NETWORK ACCESS” and “UNREGISTERED SIM” is my fault ?
Why does my phone not work at all ?
Why will sending me a new sim card take a week ?
Why will requesting one erase all the numbers on this sim card right bloody NOW if the card doesnt work and the phone has no network access ?

Somebody at Virgin has &%&d up and barred my phone is my opinion

What a bunch of Scunthorpes


“May I speak to your supervisor?” :rolleyes:

repeat until you get through to someone that knows what they’re talking about.

sadly this is sometimes all I end up saying



What a bunch of Scunthorpes[/QUOTE]

… being a customer of Virgin (although not the mobile carp), and also residing in the above mentioned place of ill repute, I can safely say that the above comment by TFW is pretty much spot on :thumbsup: :lol:


when we moved house, the hassle we had was simply amazing from them - they sent an engineer to install, but as the house we moved to never had cable he was the wrong type of engineer. Less than 24hours later I had a BT line, I now have a Sky dish for the tele, BT option3 at less than option1 price and customer service that actually listens.



State aid to foreign owned companies.


Rover was shown the door when it asked for government support as it was a privately owned business and responsible for its own fortunes.

Jaguar/Land Rover is now owned by Tata so I dont see any difference ?
Tata had no problems giving 800+ workers their P45 for christmas so they are happy to deal with costs and overheads.
If Tata didnt do their sums properly when buying the company why is that anybody elses problem but theirs ?


got to agree with you on that one TFW, it does seem that if you are big enough and can ‘scare’ the government into thinking you are putting more people onto the unemployment figures, then it doesn’t matter where you come from they’ll ‘help’

Having just been part of 90% of the workforce where I work being made redundant, Blood boils :mad:



And TFW hits the Scu nthorpe connection again,

Earlier this month (Dec 2008), Corus, the Anglo-Dutch subsidiary of Indian steel giant Tata, asked Gordon Brown for UK government aid.

The firm’s head Philippe Varin said state help was needed to allow firms to avoid redundancies amid falling output.

Corus axed 500 jobs from its UK workforce of 25,000 last month.

The firm, which was bought by Tata Steel for $12bn (£8bn) in 2007, plans to reduce its European output by 30% by March.

… and taken from the (link) Scu nthorpe Telegraphsite:

[I]Tata profits increase

Monday, December 08, 2008, 16:45

CORUS owners Tata today revealed a an increase in profit and turnover in the six months between April and September.

The figures show the turnover increased by 38 per cent to $18.91-billion and profits rose by 114 per cent to $2.47-billion.

In its half-yearly financial report Tata Steel states much of the £350-million savings the company is looking to make are to be made through eliminating overtime, working flexible hours, re-deploying staff and optimising the utilisation of assets.

The report adds: “Through measures such as these the company is determined to emerge from the crisis fit for the future.”

so … make your mind up about who is being conned here :tiphat:

oh and Admin - S****horpe isn’t actually a swear word, it’s a town in N.Lincs - no need for it to be moderated like it is thanks :wink:


True enough on the profits side, but that’s probably based on output in the third world sites. I guess they’re looking at closing or reducing British output due to the higher cost base in this country.

I think the admins amended the place name to stop bots picking up on it, nothing more.


The Admins have not moderated it :wink:

Its the auto filter implemented into the forum code picking up on the 4 letter reference contained within the word.

As you can appreciate the forum software is used world wide and it cannot read minds to what is or is not acceptable in regards to place names.


:smiley: well to be honest, the damn place does need censoring … or bulldozing :lol:


it was a word added to the auto censor - as we’ve not had many people use it recently I’ve removed it. Probably got added on one of ‘those’ days when the poo hit the fan.



my car died today… I say died… gear linkage snapped… getting me overalls on to have a butchers :frowning:


What Annoyed Me Today

Some Weasel has taken the corkscrew out of my laptop bag

I needed the blade to cut some of that indestructible plastic banding from round a box and had to saw through it with somebody elses desk key instead.


getting woken up by my cat when i am off work for a few days r&r


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;431324]it was a word added to the auto censor - as we’ve not had many people use it recently I’ve removed it. Probably got added on one of ‘those’ days when the poo hit the fan.


Presumably if it was added to the swear filter with a space at the start it’d still censor the original word plus various derivatives with different endings (ing, face etc) whilst mininising the false positives, or does the swear filter not work like that?