What are you up to today?

Here it is a gorgeous day (after a slightly crappy start) and it’s so warm that I have my shorts on :eek:

After lunch I’m going outside to start treating all the wood. Got a 6’ fence, 2 sheds (when Barry helps me move them :wink: ), picnic bench & a little wooden border round kids play area.

So what are you up to and how is the weather where you are?

Well like most of the world i;m in work and can’t wait to get out to the lurvely weather i can see out of the office window :slight_smile:

in office ;), shorts and t-shirt, all windows in the house open. Wondering whether to get out the garden furniture and use the real reason for going wireless :smiley:


Work from home, Long da ahead probably 12 hrs,

weather pretty nice, Temps will top out at about 33 C

At college, just had an exam and am now waiting for the results of the exam I sat last week!!!

I usually skive the last lesson when I have an exam in the morning but I want the result of last weeks exam so I’ve had to hang around!!!

Could be worse - I could be at work muahaha.

It’s sunny here in Swindon area. Feels really hot outside compared to what we had this year so far. If this keeps up I’ll declare spring as having arrived :smiley:

Stuck indoors at work at moment. Might take a stroll down the polling station if it stays nice this evening.

sitting in the office, enjoying the AC that is blowing gently down the back of my neck…

mmmmm AC

Well stuck inside doing eassy’s and lab reports…:frowning:

Sitting in the office staring at the lovely weather, be nice when we relocate to the other office which has 2 lots of AC :D.

I made a fantastic discovery about 10 minutes ago, the local Garage has started stocking LARGE BAGS of GIANT CHOCOLATE BUTTONS! Woohoo! :worship:

Currently sitting in a dark dingy office with aircon and 5 servers and 3 nas systems wyrling away in the background… music playing shirt and tie on… no windows…

but I know how hot it is and the weather is stunning today so im off for a walk with the GF just as soon as I get out :slight_smile: should be fun… could be piccys to follow :slight_smile:

TBH we dont want to know what you teo get upto in your freetime…

or wait…maybe we do… :devil: :wink:

Frankfurt, Germany… 26°C and much sun =)
now after a hard day I’m just rejuvenate me whit a beer :smiley:
later I think I go in a coffee bar with friends

its sorta sunny but not warm here has been raining most of the day and ive been attempting to tidy up and stuff around my very wakeful 6 week old son…

just mowed the lawn - am now rather warm :slight_smile: The local shops all sold out of steaks and things that can be cooked on bbq’s - I think I was a little late :doh:


Been sat out in the garden most of the day with the lappy doing a bit of web design and kicking butt on o-game. Got a bit warm at one stage so spent a bit of time tidying up my study :eek:

Blooming sweltering here at work, wonderful outside windy but its a
great warm breeze :slight_smile:

One of the account managers has brought us all Ice creams :smiley:


Should be at work but suffering from *Ulnar neuropraxia atm… 5 days off not happy. Weather is good though.

*Trapped nerve - just under the break in ma collar bone lurvely.

ex nay on the sunny weve got thunder and lightning WOOT!!

spent the day in college Shouting at the Apple Mac’s cus there ****, and then played 2 Long games of Battle Field 1942 original DEMO thro the college network…