What car do you want?

Not talking about a gti clio (or a turbo corsa, wyety;)), but one of those vehicles that would probably be the result of a lottery win (even if it’s just so you can afford the insurance!)

For me, there can only be one option, the Ford Falcon XB coupe, 5.7L of V8 poke, wrapped in a shell which is obviously familiar to anybody who has any taste in movies.

From :-

to :-

Something to scare the boy racers with, should make the tart in the M5 pay attention too :devil:


The tart would just get this 600 Bhp M5 lmfao :slight_smile:



Garenteed to burn of a chip van :wink:

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LOVE the arches m8, deffinate entrant for www.barryboys.co.uk i’d say :wink:


Seen that barryboys site many times before and everytime I look at it it pisses me off, ok so some of the cars are dog ugly but its down to individuals what they make of their cars…even if it is a piece of shite as long as the owner likes it who gives a **** ?
It’s all to easy to knock someones work rather than actually do something that requires as much and money.

I would love to actually see what this Barry drives ? a 2CV or something as classy :o

Cadillac defies convention and shatters all notions of what an ultra luxury car should be with the Cadillac Sixteen concept model. This new breed of Cadillac surges past other vehicles in this class, creating an entire new realm of opulence, craftsmanship and technological wizardry.

The Cadillac Sixteen is rear-wheel drive powered by an all-aluminum 13.6-liter engine. It includes technology such as Displacement on Demand, which allows the engine to run on four, eight or sixteen cylinders depending on driving conditions. Other advancements include:

* 7,000 rpm capability
* 1,000 horsepower and 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque
* Advanced cylinder head port design
* Titanium alloy valves and valve springs
* Variable camshaft phasing

The interior is a pure expression of design, with fine woods, precision cut metals and crystal used in harmony throughout. The opulent, yet refined, interior features:

* Hand-stitched Tuscany leather seating surfaces
* Hand-woven silk carpets
* Custom-designed crystal cluster dials
* Custom Bulgari® clock
* Reclining rear seats with foot and leg rests
* Bose® sound system
* DVD Information and entertainment system
* Fifth-generation OnStar in-vehicle safety and security communication system

The Cadillac Sixteen reflects the bold, dramatic design of the new Cadillac, with much of the car’s structure and body panels made of aluminum. The highly refined and malleable aluminum allowed Cadillac craftsmen to create shapes and designs that would not have been possible if only steel and wood were used.

Just the one or can we have a selection?

My dream garage would contain a replica GT40, as an original would be far to precious for me to do anything with other than sit it in the garage and look at it. Second would have to be a 1969 Mustang Boss 429, in candy apple red for preferance.
And a '69 Dodge Charger (ala Dukes of Hazzard) would be nice too, but not essential.

I think an E-Type Jag roadster and a MacLaren F1 go without saying, although my choice of a Landrover ‘TombRaider’ special edition may look rather out of place standing next to the TVR Cerbera :wink:

And because there has to be a sensible car in there somewhere, an Audi A4 V6 TDi Avant Quattro would handle all the day to day running about very nicely :slight_smile:

My dream car would be a 1967-1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Non-numbers matching, heavily modded suspension, TH700-R4 tranny and crate 350ci V8 producing about 400hp, then slap a supercharger on top of that baby:devil: And SS badges to make it look good:D

But more realistically, I’ll probably end up with a 3rd gen Camaro, similar setup as above, minus supercharger.

Aston Martin V8

Would have to be a Koenigsegg CC.

It is currently the fastest street-legal car in production, with a top speed exceeding 390 km/h and an acceleration that
takes it up to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds.

Mucho :smiley:

1998 SP Engineering Supra

Modifications over the stock Supra Twin-Turbo include:

HKS GT2835 Twin-Turbos
HKS blow-off valve
GReddy intercooler
HKS cams
HKS cam gears
GReddy underdrive pulley kit
HKS triple-disc clutch
ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft
Short-throw shifter
C-West carbon fiber wing
Brembo brakes
Veilside hood

Displacement: 3000 cc
Horsepower: 800 bhp

hmmmmm drools

yes please

or if i was just far too rich for my own good i would have one of these mounted above my fireplace

The F1 GT

a thumbs up to aussie cars here :thumbsup: :smiley:

it’ll have to be a Works Holden touring car :slight_smile: or mebbe one of the 24hr Le Mans cars :drool:

to drive in the uk tho with all the potholes n shit… erm… fook… thats a hard one :smiley:

supra rz? rx7? skyline? all obviously tuned to the max :slight_smile:

altho a custom kit car would be quite high on the list :slight_smile:

my fantasy garage…

  1. an original Shelby Cobra

  2. TVR Cerbera

  3. Aston Martin DB5

  4. Lotus Elise

and something sensible for wet weather when the excess BHP above would be suicidal :smiley:

The one and only Mercedes Benz CLK GTR.

A v12 6.9 liter engine.
0-60 MPH in 3.8 seconds
$1 500 000-00

My baby:nod:

Gotta be an AC Cobra:

… okay, not the most expensive car in the world but bloody tasty :droolsmilie:

Failing that, I’d settle for a Diablo or Countach… a car that every schoolboy wanted :nod:

@Juggy: That is a tasty bit of kit… but I wonder if there’s really any point in having them doors? :smiley:

That Merc is nice, but it’s not Porsche Carrera GT nice :wink:

Originally posted by riddlermarc
@Juggy: That is a tasty bit of kit… but I wonder if there’s really any point in having them doors? :smiley:

Agreed, found on the better classic car site http://www.supercars.net

Lamborghini Diablo SV


TVR Tuscan R

This is what I’m currently saving for:

2003 Subaru WRX STi Type UK An absolute beastie! :nod:

Only about 25 grand plus insurance to go… :doh:

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2003 Subaru WRX STi Type UK An absolute beastie! :nod:

Tin box with turbo. Go for the real deal :wink:

Even Stevie’s taste betters that :smiley:


Originally posted by Ciccio
[B]Tin box with turbo. Go for the real deal :wink:

Even Stevie’s taste betters that :smiley:

TVR, TVR, TVR!!! [/B]

TVR’s are great cars if all you want to do is go fast in a straight line… point to point they can’t touch an STi though! :nod:

Also I’d like to be able to drive my car, not have one which spends 2 days a week back at the dealer cos its broken down again! :stuck_out_tongue: :moon: