what charities do you support and why?

hi guys,

i was wondering what charitys you support and why?

personaly i support homeless charitys as i spent a large chunk of my youth living on the streets… so come on then tell us yours

PDSA, cause I like cats and they can’t defend themselves against sick humans who torment them for pleasure.

BEN, a charity that supports people in the motor trade who through sickness or injury cannot support themselves.

OXFAM, I buy books from them, read them and them give them back so that they can sell them again.

…plus anyone with a good cause who rattles a box in front of me for the most part.

Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice - nipped into there charity shop one day and got some cords and a jumper in good nick £6 in total

The premises are being built in Dinnington near where my grandma lived on the old colliary site

click for more details

RSPCA…Love animals… cant stand people that are hatfull to them!!

I used to give money to the rattlers but I dont anymore!!

None … cos i’m too bloody skint

Never give to rattlers, will sponser people that are doing somthing for a worthy cause, or if i know that the cash will go directly to somthing, ie donating to my local school to buy somthing or the likes of mojo and the brick wall out in Africa.
Other than that i’ve become very cynical about how much of what i donate to a charity actually goes to the cause .

My other beef is that a third of everything i earn goes to the goverment and a load more besides, I believe i’m doing my fair share that way… Gordon brown pitchs up and says that he’s giving so many million to the third world, where did that money come from ?

Must admit, aparting from donating elctricity money to science projects, I’m not a regular donater…

Though I have bought the big issue a couple of times. Not actually a bad read…

NSPCC because I’m a mum and it breaks my heart to hear about some of the abuse kids go through, and I was also an abused child.

I’m a skint student so I can’t give money, but when I have the time I do voluntary work for the Scouts. Mainly, cos I think its a shame that kids are no longer allowed to do dome of the outdoor things we offer, as its too “risky”. :mad:

When ever i can i give to the local hospice that my mum was in when it was 5 years that my mum had died i did a charity event and raised about 1000 for the hospice and every year we do what is called light up a life and what we do is at the hospice there is a moosive christmas tree and you pay £5.00 for a bulb on that tree in memory of the person you have lost last year i had to buy 3 of them one for me one for jack and one for holly all in memory of my mum. the hospices always need money because for a matress on the bed that circulates air to stop bed sores for ppl who are bed ridden cost £1000 not cheap so i feel this is a worthy cause.

I have also in the past given money to Yorkhill childrens hospital. and anything to do with cancer reserch i have given money to

The Salvation Army - they do a lot of work both in this country and abroad (they are one of the biggest Social Services providers in the UK)

We sponsor a child and family in Peru.

I give to McMillan Nurses, any cancer charity that asks, the Shropshire Air Ambulance and any appeal at the local hospital.

The American Cancer Society
The local children’s hospital

I don’t provide much to charity anymore, but those two are the ones. I’ll do a fundraiser event that takes contributions for it or things like walk-a-thons. I’ve participated in a few things like that as well.

I stopped supporting charities when they discovered I was a donor and started going after me like hungry vampires. I now donate only to specific causes, and only through one organization. It sucks like this (vampire pun… eh, maybe…), but I’ve found it’s the only way I can donate without having my desire to help others be curtailed by my hatred of charities hounding me for cash.

I support animal charities, mainly the RSPCA and Cats Protection. I prefer local charities to national ones and try to find out exactly where my money is going. Thats why I like the RSPCA as you can state exactly what you want your donation to be spent on.

I don’t support kids charities cos I’m heartless :p. And a homeless person did bad things to me once so I dislike supporting homeless causes. I also used to work for Shelter and I know exactly what they do with their money.

Don’t know if this counts as charity but I’ve been sending money to Greenpeace Russia for 7-8 (?) years.
Half of their budget initially came from abroad.
Well, it’s nice to hear some other opinions than the Mr Putin admininistration likes and distributes :cool: