What could possibly go wrong today?


They take cards…

you just had to tempt it!

on a train to collect our entry for www.getyourbangersout.co.uk

Everything going well so far, fingers crossed the car is like it was advertised and the seller is a good `un

The worst did happen, I couldnt remember the PIN for my sodding card.

The Overfinch went for much less than the guide price.

Even most of the utter chod sold, this would make a great Zombie Containment unit project.

The Bentley didnt sell, bubbling rust and paint runs are massive warning signs.

An almost factory fresh Maestro 1.3 went for £2,500

My “banger” - well I failed completely to satisfy the brief - it really isn’t much of a banger at all !

Pictures later on today.

Having mucked up the auctions through lack of planning I’m hunting half heartedly for some new wheels.
The Bangbus may not survive the newer MOT test in the summer or the glued in spark plug could escape at any moment.

So I’m looking around for something cheap with less miles, more fizz but not shouty about it.

Fitting this category is a Toyota Corolla, to stave off the bland a few models were fitted with the Celica 1.8 VVTL-i engine with a not too shabby 189BHP (when new), a tiny number were also supercharged but are still silly money.

I spotted a usefully cheap one on gumtree, was just about thinking the Blue of Doom paintwork added to the understatement, then I noticed a BIG sign to run the hell away

The quest continues

MOT until Feb2020, 128K on the clock, 3ltr V6 240bhp

No heater - wear gloves and a hat, front screen is heated so demisting no problem anyway so heater may or may not be fixed before the trip. Power steering pump has a leak that was described as small, hmmmmmmmmmmmm but it does look like it’s leaking from a place where some liquid gasket could fix it.

Other than that, it all works, we had plans to do a decoration project with random hammerite tins, but it may get clear wrapped first so after the trip it can be “reset”.

30mpg max for a 1800mile round trip.

Zoomed in you can see the one little love tap it has on the front wing, numerous points where the lacquer has gone, but hey it was £400!

Team announcement :slight_smile:
Multiple test orders placed for decoration items :see_no_evil:



Think it needs some stickers

I have a generic roof bar (drill through roof to attach)

How many comedy spotlights can the alternator handle ?
Think I have a 6 pack of 130w bulbs somewhere.

Airhorns.co.uk has shut its order book :frowning:

Found an awesome sticker pack.
With the Jaaaaaag being almost Subaru Blue Yellow would look really good.

oddly I was in the workshop taking pictures last night with a tape measure across the panels :smiley:

As a team, we’re still not sure if this one is too good to molest, but a number of Garfield have been ordered and a variety of vinyl wrap panels. Going to have a real good poke mechanically on the couple of things that I feel we would need for the long trip - the heater being able to blow hot air for instance which is a known sticking point of this model with a valve that dies and sticks with cold into the heater matrix. It has heated front screen so demisting not a problem like we had with Pooh, but still - if I can fix for a £30 part and the price of some new coolant then happy days.

There are packs of “under car” LED’s that are 2x90cm and 2x120cm strips that need a really small amount of power and come with remotes for different colours. So we plan on 4x90 and 4x120 strips as it is a big car after all. The front “iconic” grille requires some tarting as well, and there are some perfect spots in the front spoiler for some of the orange flashing recovery stobes.

The 12" sub will fit - but the boot isn’t very tall so I may mount the spare wheel on the boot rally style and use the space for the sub :nut_and_bolt: :hammer_and_wrench:

We may just go starsky and hutch on the roof with the magnetic recovery thingies and “lamping light”, not sure yet on that. But the Jag electrical system is known to be sensitive so may split charge a leisure battery for the toys.

She will be sorn for a couple of months and then off to as many car meets as possible and we will be grabbing sponsors from everywhere.

I’m hoping we will have a lot done and may splash out on tax and insurance for the LAN.


Given the Jag needed some floor and a sill for the last MOT I suspect it is well on its way to the afterlife but it is shiny so in an attempt to preserve the shiny I was thinking of stickers.
Vinyl stickers can be removed with a hot air gun or even a hairdryer and a dab of White Spirit/Meths.

Thinking Top-Gear, Larsens Biscuits.

Some corporate Logos

Gimme an F

Gimme an IN

Gimme a G

Add a full sticker kit and you have a Jagbaru WNKX-s
They will add custom stickers so to cater for the Jaguar demographic they could cut in the same colour
STANNAH, Werthers, Ralgex, Parker-Knoll, Tena

Windscreen stickers :slight_smile:

I could bring these up to Elkstone and have a sticker party…

This car could end up doing many trips out if you sticker it up, maybe stick a 3g tracker deep in the dashboard and see where it ends up after you move it on.
This one has a relay output so you could remotely control something in the car later on :smiley:

A quick search for Europe banger rally shows loads are out there, maybe less once BreakShit kicks in and we all need a letter from the queen to go across to Europe.

I’m still up for the ‘Hell & Back’ trip…


Norway ?