What do you think?

Well… its been some time since we have had a crunching competiton. I have tried on a few occasions to stir interest, without much success. I would still very much like to do somthing, perhaps simply an inter-team race of some kind.

Your thoughts?

Go for it.

I’m still chasing butc8 in Folding at the mo.

Im having some trouble with one of the WU on my laptop…With how many computers are you folding Drezha

24/7 = 3 cores - (AMD 3500+ 2.2Ghz PC and a Core Duo Laptop 2x 1.6Ghz (24/7 if not being used))

Few hours a day perhaps = media center (1.8Ghz Duron)
and my flatmates AMD 3500+ 2.2Ghz that I installed with permission in return for helping buy the thing and his queries. No idea on the time it stays on.

so overall 9.4Ghz overall

4 cores 24/7…P4 2GHz HT,Pentium M 1.73,Celeron M 1.5,and P2 800Mhz

my entire farm at home is off, and has been for nearly a fortnight. On a bit of a money saving exercise, that may also mean it all gets sold off. Once I’ve ran for two weeks with it off, then I’ll run two weeks on and compare difference in energy bills before deciding it’s fate.

Still have a load of remotes and machines in works office. Strangely we need to build a cluster soon … :devil:


Thats the unfortunate part of crunching… the power bill… I am fortunate to not have to pay the bill, but I have to watch my consumption… I’m pushing it now as it is.

grr :furious: :cry: :cry:

Not turned anything off in the loft for ages, I do so and upon starting it back up tonight, 2/5 machines simply refuse to move. Big problem, one of them is the actual diskless server :cry:

The pain, the pain :frowning:


I’m sure you’ll figure it out DT.

task for the weekend to rebuild the farm with the better hardware of the bunch and the rest into Wattos/Ebay

When a dual core intel chip (iMac) in the same time frame can quadruple the output of a diskless node, time to move on …


indeed… and although I hoped to have new crunching rigs at this point I dont. I’ve been saving for a house and thats where the moneys going. No spectacular points coming out of me for the foreseeable future.

Hi all,

This is a strange coincidence, & I hope you don’t mind me dropping in, but I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing as fenix25 for the last few days - Re: A folding@home competition.

I fold for xtremesystems.org [placed 102 today] & was thinking maybe we could have a scramble to the 10.5 million mark :slight_smile: Using my diabolical maths skills I estimate both teams should hit this mark at roughly the same time (~88 days TPR, ~93 days XS.org) & this seems like a nice round number (despite the slight advantage in your favour :slight_smile: estimates are based roughly on stats today from EOC’s stats pages).

Let me know what you think & whether my maths/estimates make any kind of sense. I’m thinking a star wars themed battle might go down well, XS the Rebels try to take down TPR the evil Empire? I hope it brings new members & banter to both forums



you had me right up to the point that we were the evil empire :vader:



I’m always game… but its up to the rest to decide.

Welcome to the forums jimwah, anything thats good for the project and prevokes a bit of inter-team rivalry is good to me, so count me in.

@ fenix: maybe you could revive that web/stats page you were working on and we will probably have to work out how we keep tabs on the totals for the news posts.


I wondered if you’d like being the Empire :smiley: If you think you’re more light-side than dark, then you’re welcome to be the Rebs - although I was looking forward to adopting a Leia avatar :wink:

Thanks for the support so far guys :slight_smile:

Revive it?

I’m afraid I deleted it a week or so ago… I can spin websites up pretty quick if need presses but I would rather wait until its a sure thing before I started.

Let me know what you would like to see and I’ll work it up.

bring it on is all I can say :headbang:

the details of who is :luke: or :vader: can be sorted with a


Well… send out a mass email to the crunchers and let them know whats happening… i’ll work up a site on monday. PM me details you would like.

I’m game :slight_smile: