What PMM has being building over the last few weeks

I honestly ask myself why I do these things but I’ve started so can’t stop now :smiley:

Being building some speaker pods& door pockets for the Mini.

PMM in the process has…

  1. Fiberglassed himself
  2. Hot glued his fingers… yes ‘Ouch’ :whiteflag:
  3. Painted himself in sound dreading sludge
  4. spray highly sticky glue all over himself.
  5. Inhaled many vapours that I’m sure I should not have inhaled.
  6. Cut himself numerous times

All in the pursuit of audio excellence.

1 pod nearly complete just some finishing touches to do.

and the pictures of this work in progress/ madness of mine…

Nicely done so far, I’ve had the same experience in recovering my doors and seats myself and also doing the audio moulding.

Keep it up and keep coming with the pics.

Looks pretty cool, so well worth the effort…and the pain I guess:D

Well so far so good :xfinger: initial testing is showing positive results :slight_smile:

Long way to go though but I have done something I never imaged myself doing so from an achievement level I’m quite chuffed with myself.

Looking good!

By the way is that a doorcard from a Mini 30?

It could be the same…

Std for its year / model (1993/4) not sure what a Mini 30 looks like inside to say if its sim or not…I know its the same as the 1993 Italian Job and the seats in the 30 look the same so I assume certainly on a G reg 30 they share the same inertia.

Strange I thought to 30 cards were special, due to the car being Ltd Edition.

Mine was a G reg though so it looks like they were the normal cards.

Looks like a STD card from that era… might have 1st appeared in the 30 and carried forward into newer models.

Found a pic amongst a few others here…

Awww. I wuvved my 30 :smiley:

I want to sell my Fester and get a mini again :frowning:

However a slightly better looked after one than the one I had!

Very nice… Hell Paul, you were so high you couldn’t feel the cuts, could you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jim :slight_smile: :tiphat:

[QUOTE=Ripple Red;428802]Very nice… Hell Paul, you were so high you couldn’t feel the cuts, could you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jim :slight_smile: :tiphat:[/QUOTE]

You don’t know how true that is :spit:

looks great pmm…i did something very simular with my F150…i can relate to the cuts bruises and fumes…lol…explains alot about me!!!

They look very similar to the pods I built for my Cooper years ago.

Its fitting a sub in that s always interesting in a Mini.

At least you haven’t got one of those new BMWs :smiley:

The subs went under the back seat :wink: 4x 6" proper subs large 13mm x-max top out at 800hz dual voice coils so not like a std 6" speaker so they go nice and low - and being inside rather than in the boot you don’t have to drive them hard and the boom boom does not interfere with the speakers on the parcel shelf or whatever you call it, also there great as they only need 0.25 Cu air space per sub so the under seat option is perfect.

300Watts rms on tap 2ohm load so works well with the rest :slight_smile: head unit (JVC) has a filtered sub channel with High/Mid/Low setting to cut off the top end frequency I use on low because it reveals more of the low end.

I bet they have some snap to them, I never liked big slow subs that a lot of people seem to use. More of a mid/low bass type of guy I suppose, the real low stuff doesn’t add as much to the musicality in my opinion.

Nice install, I do hope you have grills or careful passengers.

This has made me want a mini again :smiley:

What components are you putting in the front?

I’m using Genesis 16 in the rear and 13 upfront in the custom pods powered by a 5 Channel JBL amp.

Its been quite interesting started out with just some fusions in the rear running off the head unit which worked good but you lack left/right separation sounded nice in a balanced way but not pure in a quality way and the 4 subs under the seat powered by a single JBL sub amp.


Experimented a bit and initially thought I boo boo’d getting the Genesis speakers despite being more up market but its worked well in the end after additional work & sound deadening.

Fronts are quite light weight so are a good mid/treble speaker and gets the detail they have matched some professional Hi-fi speakers I’ve experimented with to gauge the pod build with a known reference point.

Rears are a little lost in the mid band as are all speakers in the rear shelf so they are more a Mid Bass/treble but that helps jell in with the fronts and balances the sound.

The subs under the seat are actually quite cheap but really work well paid £170 inc postage from Germany for all 4 subs tech specs say they go down to 38hz the laptop sound analyser measured lower but that was before sound deadening work so unsure if some of the free air movement was being translated by the car into sound and picked up by the analyser the test tones I set up on a CD seemed to indicate 30hz was audible.

You certainly can tell with easy when the subs are on / off changing the vol on the sub out in the head unit from 0 to 1 really fills in the bottom quite surprisingly… its currently setup so 3 to 4 on the headunit gives a enough boom boom without giving me ear ache.

I really need to get a 100w 20 Ohm resistor then I can measure with a DMM the true enclosure resonance.

Its surprised me what I have so far its a small car not really made with audio in mind but it certainly puts a smile on my face when I crank the volume up.

/edit… As for the Subs should not be an issue not expecting to have anyone sitting in the back but the plan is to have a slottable bar that sits in front enough to stop them being kicked but easily removable.

Mine was a long time ago now but it was great for such a small car that, as you say, is not that friendly to audio.

I had a set of Alpine 7" components in the front with the tweeters in the dash, all worked very well. I never bothered with rear fill as I have never rated it myself. Had a couple of 8" Bazooka tubes in the back (remember them) Tubes where self amplified (can’t remember the RMS) and surprisingly good for the cost. Front’s where running off a V12 amp.

I was more of an SQ man than an SPL head. The sound was great after I had sorted positioning plus the HU had a little bit of time alignment capability.

Kept the Cooper for a few years and then had a 205 1.9 GTI with a major install…the joys of my youth:D

I like your work, you have some fabricating skill by the look of it.