What should I crunch now ?

OK, I gave up Seti when the original ended due to my sorrow:) and also my dial up connection:mad:

BUT now I have broadband (512 or 576 as it shows) so what would suit my PC and connection best…and what helps the team more.

PC is P4 3.06.

Rosetta :slight_smile: :wink:

very good project runs on boinc and the science is good…Like folding but like I said Boinc based :wink:

Yep Rosetta :smiley:

SETI II!!! The search isn’t over yet! :smiley:

Rosetta would be a nice second.

Rosetta is a fun project and that will definitely help TPR. Currently you have to babysit it, though, because occasionally workunits hang up at the 1% completed stage (that’s why I stopped it over Christmas.) There is no comparison of results as they are received, but random errors will tend to produce rubbish excluded anyway by the subsequent analysis, so the science is secure.

Even if you concentrate on one project, you should preferably be running one or two background projects for when the main one runs out of work for any reason.

CPDN boinc is good as a background project in that the work units last a long time so you pretty well always have some work and boinc will only force completion of the work unit for its deadline once a year - but only if you expect to have the same machine until the workunit completes.

Einstein is a very reliable project with several data server mirrors. They also give quite good project information and compare the results for reliability.

Seti is still in my view worthwhile but they have had server problems because of the sheer number of users - from that you could also argue that your contribution makes more of a difference supporting one of the newer projects. Results are checked for reliability.

Also BOINC Simap is a good project but currently out of work…

SET II, and possible the upcomming Stardust 8)

Aye, go for Seti II, it’s much a more sensitive search than Seti.

Roguebfl…Stardust@home is not a crunching project. You download images to your pc to visually review for particles. Unfortunately, your eyes and brain have to do the work, not the cpu.

Drat, observation skills are not my forte 8(

With a 512K always on connection you won’t notice issues with any DC project. As for which one - they all help - whatever suits you. There’s maybe a bit more TPR focus on Rosetta atm but we need to keep a balance of crunching on all the major projects.

Keep a watching brief on Orbit@Home. No work happening right now, but an interesting one perhaps.

Also watch for PlanetQuest in the future and get your name on a planet!