What to run?

So the last time I did much crunching SETI@Home was the hot thing. What would yous guys advise? I’ve got an 3 year old AMD rig running Linux Mint, one Intel running Windows 7 :puke: (okay, not as bad as 8…), and “Frankenstein” rig with an AMD 3200+ I believe running XP. Plus I’ve seen BIONC is on Android, so I have a tablet and a couple of old phones I might could run that on…


The main focus seems to be on the medical research front, either folding@home or Docking under BOINC

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Don’t forget Rosetta!

Agreed. Rosetta is still a good project and the only one I can happily run on a Win7 64-bit lappy. Docking won’t complete units and just hangs.

What about SIMAP? Got 2 AMD Quad core Richland APU’s running it now… nice short run units but the credit isn’t as good as Docking. Also I believe SIMAP can now be run on ANDROID using the powersleep app.

My main is Docking then a mix between WCG, Simap and POGS :slight_smile:

But like I said Docking is where you will find my main output :slight_smile:

Folding is a bit quiet, I have just fired up £300 of ex-datacentre hardware and put it all in Folding.
In between overheating and memory failures its turning in some good numbers but I dont have any GPU hardware just old school type Medium Array Of Junk Computers processing.

Its so good DT has quit folding by the looks of it, I’ll stomp him in about 20 years time.

Lol DT’s back in the mix for Folding so you might have to extend that stomp date a bit. :slight_smile: Or get yourself one of them thar new-fangled GPU doo-hickeys. :Poke:

I think some budget quad cores in the dual boxes might be less outlay but I do have some PCI-X slots free in these boxes, what would fit ?

Hmm, the problem is the “half-length”. Any GPU worth looking at for folding is going to be full-length - even if you go as far back as the nVidia 8000 series.

Logically any GPU should fit if you are prepared to bodge a mount using a PCIe extender cable or riser, but I thought these things were 1U so wouldn’t fit a big 2 wide card anyway, would have to be externally mounted somehow, ( I have a couple of Palit GTX460s lying around no longer of any use).

Here you go: http://www.amplicon.com/data/Magma-EB4-1U.pdf

No word on whether the controller card is 1U, though. Based on the connector size, I’d say it’s possible it would work.