What's that coming over the hill .....????

It’s Lady Gaga !!! :lol:

What is she on? It’s got to be absynthe :wink:

So if another <coughs> “star” were to be the crab, who would win?


:chuckle: Well it’s a good way to be recognised. Makes it easier if she wants to go out into the wild anonymously too. I mean, in normal civvies would you recognise her?

There’s something seriously wrong with that woman…

Fair play to the woman.

Her songs are better than the average current garbage, I gather she writes her own, its only her clothing and not her lifestyle that is outrageous, and she provided amusement.

She COULD be a drunken, plastic, druggie slut.

I’ll forgive her silver lobster as a young girls’ role-model considering how bad some of her peers are!

Its not the first time lobsters and stardom have been intertwined.

I think I need help …

I’ve just listened to Lady Gaga for the first time on Spotify, and it didn’t make me reach for the chainsaw … :confused:


(problem solved)