Whats yours ?

Its Friday lunchtime, your boss wants to take everyone out for a drink.
You can have only ONE.

So money no object, what would you have ?

smirnoff ice every time

Adn you shouldn’t even be drinking that! :lol:

Probably stick with a nice pint of cider really…not that adventurous when it comes down to it.

Maybe a shot of Stolichnaya but thats not really a lunchtime drink.

pardon me, if i want to i will :stuck_out_tongue: and in moderation and its only 6 months ish til my bday

although ben shaws bitter shandy is very refreshing

This weather … I’d settle for a pint of Extra Cold Guinness

but I still wouldn’t trust the son-of-a-biatch :smiley:

Pepsi max :nod:

No point only having 1 alcoholic drink :wink:

Crown Royal Rye or Candian Club Classic Rye. Nothing better :slight_smile:

I remember a beer I think was called dorelei last which I tried last time I was in France. Quite unlike any other I tried, and went rather nicely with the meal at the time. Would like to try it again.

Bombay Sapphire and tonic

When I did drink G & T was my tipple… but I would probably have a pint of Stowford cider, was the last drink I had at the Lowfield and really enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Hmm… if the boss was paying, it would have to be a Mai Tai cocktail. I probably wouldn’t drink it, but then I doubt he’d actually buy it ;D.

A Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster at the Zaphod Beeblebrox nightclub in Ottawa, Canada here on your planet Earth.

A double Johnny Walker Blue in a tumbler with 2 blocks of ice.

A large shot of MacAllan to warm the blood. No ice, no water, and certainly no mixer. Neat and straight as all malt’s should be.

Initially I thought a double JD whiskey sour but it wouldn’t last long… so it would prob be a pint of London Pride :drink:

A bottle of Kristal Champagne, which i would then promtply sell on to the puffs in finance, and spend the rest on getting myself rightly pissed!

On a more down to earth thought, it would be a Bottle of Magners if it was sunny with loads of ice in a pint glass, a pint of Extra Cold Guinness if i hadn’t had time for a bite to eat, or a pint of Stella if it was going to be an afternoon session!

/edit At this present moment in time though, i wouldn’t have any, had far too much last night giving one of the rugby lads a good send off at his funeral, i think he would have been proud of us all pickling our kidneys to such an extent as he was such a beer monster!

Chocolate shake; no cherry!:alan: {smaks lips}

I’d have to say a pint of cold Guinness or a pint of Killian’s if that wasn’t available.

A Smirnoff Black Ice, much more preferable to the basic SI.

A handle of Monteith’s Black - can’t beat it :slight_smile: