When do you stop?


Personally I stop pretty much before page 3 depending on how the results have been for the first two pages…

Usually after the first page I rephrase the Search if it doesn’t appear to be going where I want it to be. But if I’m getting the results I want about page 4.

I find the search normally goes off topic after the first couple of pages anyway. So like Drezha I normally rephrase or try a different engine.

in health care etc, so many words or phrases have a sexual connotation that we find we are getting x-rated sites by halfway down page 2 anyway. so i rarely go past page 1.

page 1 here too :slight_smile:

Normally about page 10 I call it quits

Think 31 was the largest or there abouts i’ve checked though to.

i normally reword what im looking for