When Weather (and Science) Goes Bad They Day after tomorrow

that is interesting, when this goes to Hollywood, People think about this, real ore not…

When Weather (and Science) Goes Bad

by Seth Shostak Senior Astronomer at the Seti Institute

Let’s face it; a lot of the population west of the Hudson River figures that New York has it coming. And in the latest Hollywood disaster film, The Day after tomorrow , the Big Apple really takes it on the chin. In a matter of days, the city is converted into an open-air meat locker, as Mother Earth demands payback for decades of environmental abuse.

First, a Noachian rainstorm floods the subways, stalls traffic, and sends residents scrambling up the stairs. Then a tidal wave roars through the city like freshly squeezed Godzilla. The audience shovels popcorn as New York takes a briny bath; but maybe it isn’t so bad – Gotham could probably use a scouring.

When Weather (and Science) Goes Bad

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