Where did your's come from?

Your name that is…

Some are fairly obvious, some are not, so come on, where did yours come from.

Damski, was given to be by a young lady that I used to work with out in Italy, it was just an abreviation of Adamski me being Adam. It was something only she called me but when I needed a name it sprang to mind again.

(I’ll sit and wait for Mincers reply)


sMaSh inspired MASH which became Radar.

last name preece +y = preecey

It’s the “online” name of a character in Douglas Coupland’s brilliant book Microserfs

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Or sometime in late 1995/early 1996.
I was working for my local Cable company. We had TVs in almost every office so we could watch and let the Headend (Oi! Mincer, nooo!) know if the signal went funny. Ours in the IT dept sat on MTV or VH1 most of the day and swapped to Sky1 about 4 o’clock for the Star Trek TNG reruns. Said cableco was also just in the process of rolling out its own internet service, and staff got free accounts as part of the testing process.
At the same time, the IT departments from two offices were being merged - or more precisely, the management from one team walked in and told us all what to do, which was pretty much " You lot go get the teas in while we needlessly rework your entire network to the way we like."
One day one of these edicts on landed in my Inbox and interrupted Star Trek.
In a moment of inspiration, I fired off a note to my Manager “This isnt a merger, we’re being bloody assimilated!”
Cue Borg gags for the next week, cumulating with me creating an Email address for my shiney new ISP account as ‘Ricardus of Borg’

Later, when I needed a login name for various forums and didnt want to use my real name, I started using variations on a Borg theme. Eventually it became shortened to O’Borg, and is now the penname I write under :slight_smile:

In a flash of brilliant inspiration, showing the subtle wit and cunning of a 49 yr old teenagers mind, I just reversed my surname :rolleyes:

… sucks don’t it :lol: … maybe I need something to describe my mental prowess better … 5 watt springs to mind :eek:

Put simply - I rarely miss it when playing darts - thats if I get a chance at a double, the way I’ve been playing recently thats not very often…


In basic training, I received a letter from the tax office addressed to me. It was with reference to tax fraud/evasion.

The letter inside, however, started “Dear Mr. Bibby…”

So for the entire course I was then known as Mr.Bibby the Tax Evader.

Obviously it was an erroneous letter, meant for someone else. But the name stuck.

used to be a milkman and im called Kevin hence milkykev:D

I was using Counter Strike names like The12B, AffroNinja, SoulAssassin and I needed a new name for online forums and gaming.
Was drinking a bottle of my favourite beer, Budweiser and was thinking how much nicer they taste next to frozen than just fridge cooled and thats were Ch!lledBudwei2er came from, and the ! + 2 were well before 1337 speak!

my full Christian name to avoid confusion with everyone else named Richard Ellis in my family.:stuck_out_tongue:

got it from a clan i used to be in cos they got bored of me just having the name andrew, and so andy pandy sugar and candy…

i only use the nick on this board tho (and ocuk occasionally), everywhere else its andrew:)

From a jar of coffee that was described as ‘full-bodied and bold’. I amply meet the first description :slight_smile:

Everyone knows Jughead from the Archie comics, got it in the army because I eat so much, abbreviated to Juggy.

Pretty simple really.

Wolf is the first half of my first name - Wolfgang that is… :wink:

Also quite simple… :slight_smile:

Well I needed a name for gaming - long before they were online, I have always had an interest in space, and it’s a good tune by the Smashing Pumpkins…

there ya go.

blame watto for mine
my surname is bruce everyone shout oi brucie so there ya go :slight_smile:

sir from last name…Knight
gaz from Gary

simple :slight_smile:


I think somebody called me a muppet once
Added the #9 for a bit of individuality - because there are so many muppets out there !




Which probably won’t enlighten you much but it means abhorrence/hatred in Japanese and it’s one of the few 4 digit usernames that is rarely, if ever, already used.