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Friendly Forums

Below is a list of friendly forums you may wish to visit, be they fellow teams, informational forums or just a place to hang out and have fun. If somewhere isn’t in the list and you want to have it added, either mail me or PM me with the request and I will consider it :slight_smile:

[ul][li]2CPU.com - Home of everything duallie
[/li][li]Amdmb.com (aka PC Perspective) - Home to the Killer Frogs and more AMD mobo info than you can shake a large stick at.
[/li][li]Ars OpenFourm - The Ars Technica Forums - again, lots of information to be found here, also home to Team Lamb Chop, Team Beef Roast, Team EggRoll, Team Primordial Soup, Team CrabCake and Team Prime Rib (Don’t ask!)
[/li][li]Awars.com - For all your performance computing needs.
[/li][li]Digital Darkroom Forums - Rebel and Saracen’s world of digital imagery.
[/li][li]DSL (Broadband) Reports Computing Clubs - Home of Team Starfire and Team Helix amongst others.
[/li][li]Folding Community Forums - Support for Folding@home and to a lesser extent Genome@home.
[/li][li][H]ard|Forum - In their words - “Get Some!”
[/li][li]Hexus.net - Forums for the UK’s largest independent hardware news & reviews site.
[/li][li]Hwulex (Xaprief) Forums :eek: =bbusername=
[/li][li]Icrontic Forums - Yet more stick shaking info to behold.
[/li][li]Ixyl.co.uk Forums - “Separating the wheat from the chaff” :boggle: :eek:
[/li][li]Liquid Ninjas - All round hawdware and distributed computing hosted by some friends from TP.
[/li][li]LittleBlackDog - Home to those nice ikkle puppies.
[/li][li]MacNN Forums - For everything Macintosh (and I don’t mean dirty old pervs!).
[/li][li]MarsJupiter Forums - Home of jema’s MarsJupiter Ltd and support for Callisto.
[/li][li]Team Ninja - Distributed Computing with a twist.
[/li][li]Overclocked Hardware - A jolly nice bunch of folks. Visit and stop Violator pimping :wink:
[/li][li]Overclockers.com Forums - say no more!
[/li][li]The Overclocking Store Replacement Forums - Yet more performance computing peeps.
[/li][li]Team Picard Forums - New home of Team Picard.
[/li][li]Tekheads - Still more UK performance peeps.
[/li][li]The Genome Collective - Home to TGC - one of G@H’s biggest hitting teams.
[/li][li]Totally Stupid Website - A little bit different :wink:
[/li][li]Wasya Forums - Home of Dave Sturman :slight_smile: