Where have I been?

Seems like I can’t find time to scratch my own rear these days… but what have I been doing with my time? A bit of overtime a work has really taken me away from home, and when I’m there I’m working on the house. Here’s a few shots, linked due to their size.
Front of the house
Front Flower Bed Before Mulch
Front Flower Bed After Mulch
My Japanese Maple, Growing Well in its New Home

The mulched part of the bed was just the first truckload. We’re guessing we’ll have about 8 or 9 truckloads overall. The grass is growing like crazy so we’re mowing weekly on the part that’s actually filled in.

Nice place. I particularly like the brickwork. That japanese maple is worth some $$$, treat it well!

That house is lovley you have done the garden well keep up the good work :smiley:

I think my dad has a japanese maple in his garden but his is a lot bigger its my fav in the whole of my dads garden :wink:


Nice house.

Though I’d be afraid of breaking anything…espcially the plant…:stuck_out_tongue:

That is a massive house :eek: would love to live there :agree:

WB the Hawk :slight_smile:
Good to see you’re still at it.

Thanks all! I didn’t realize my house was considered that big, they’re as common as Wal-Mart (or Tescos) around here. I do love it, though and its kept me busy. We’ve just finished prepping two rooms downstairs so we can begin to finish them off. My father-in-law is coming in to do the electrical, a/c, and drywall, saving us a ton of money in the process (I’m trading some website work in the process).

The japanese maple was a gift from my wife. We got it very young and have been growing it in a pot for some time now. Found a similar one maybe two years older that was $200. :eek:

Only bad thing is I just shaved my head the day before the yard work and I’ve burned it. My irish heritage didn’t appreciate that none too much!