Which desktop search in the enterprise?

Looking for some opinion or feedback from previous experience here.

I want to out a desktop search tool on all our desktops/laptops (approx 10000 XP machines) and am trying to decide between WDS and Google.

I’m favouring WDS 3 at this point simply because of the integration etc. but I’m aware that either product can be customised to the point they’re basically the same. On paper there’s little really to pick between.

What it used in your offices? How easy is it to administer? etc.


sod the search tool! are they CRUNCHING!?

Windows works better if they are using office…thats the main question I would be looking at. If they are using Open Office then go Google. The live product launch for MS is very nice, and after I was at a meeting with the Business side, I’m thinking you’ll be seeing lots of stuff coming down that pipeline over the next months.