who is that in the rearview mirror?

so there you are, Team Phoenix Rising… cruising down the Seti-Boinc road, and you see a couple other teams behind you, and SUDDENLY you notice that one of those teams is catching up to you at a pretty good clip…

YES, its happening again.

You are in danger, danger I say

Cause we at Team LittleWhiteDog are just 1.3 million credits back, and catching up…


I just wanted to show up, say hi, and let you know that we are comming

Its so much more fun for us when you know what we are about to do to you grins

(remembers its all just fun and games)

its almost like letting the worm wriggle on the hook a bit before feeding it to the fishes…

and mom used to say not to play with my food… guess I never learned…


However, we know that we have Wallis with a few machines out of touch, Burlsey with an estimated 30more to add :eek: StormPC getting FX55’s running, me returning playing with which project gives my setup greatest credit :devil: …

the el chunky lady - aint singing yet - go back to ya kennel :moon: :slight_smile:

Race to 10million ??? :Poke:


ooh ooh ooh race on?

:driving: Sounds like a challenge doesn’t it :moon:

/ remembers stomping the doggies in Classic too :Poke:

According to my stats collection, LWD have a lower RAC than us anyway, it’s those TPS boys that we need to worry about :uhh:


RAC is lower as it would seem they have just put pedal to the metal. 15K units more than us daily though according to BoincStats.


hrms not too sure about the race to 10 mil…

I mean thats only 2 mil away for you guys, and you have a 1.4 mil lead.

I’d like to be a LITTLE closer to even when race.

Oh, you will be owned… its just a matter of tyme…

and If there is one thing I learned from Classic… You guys are fun to play with…

you jumped off the hook last tyme… but… this tyme…

hee hee hee

and for the record… we haven’t ramped up yet…
oh yeah: http://www.littlewhitedog.com/modules.php?name=News&new_topic=3

TPS is putting out about 7k more a day than you guys, we are putting out about 7k/day more than them :slight_smile:

Had a problem with one of my FX’s, but it’s solved now, and those two FX-55’s are nothing compared to what I have at my disposal if I choose to use it. :smackbum: :smackbum: :smackbum:

One other thing…we worry more about biting dogs. Barking dogs are never a problem. :smiley:

Don’t get me started !

Heyy? Think we can get a Rise of the Phoenix!! I’m running all I have access to :frowning: ,But I know theres good ol’ TPR cruchers out there with plenty of power!! :Poke: :Pimp:
Alright!! Avalon, Mortlake, Neal, Juggy and the rest of you RAC grabbers! :hail: :whip:

Give SETI al little love and do away with that wittle bitty puppy!! :headbang:

AS soon as I reach my Final SETI© Classic® goal, YOU GUYS ARE IN BIG T-R-O-U-B-L-E :devil: :haha:


Ok, looks like I’ve slacked enough. It’s time to rock and roll! Remember Spot, you brought this on yourself. :smiley:

ooo fighting talk :lol:

I always preferred cats :moon:


Has anyone spoken with those still running classic heavily? Gerry is still pumping out 335 units a day and KosmicKat 137. I understand a few units will be crunched by computers long forgotten about and out of a members’ control. But the major crunchers should be able to convert their client rigs.

Unless, of course, if those rigs were last seen two jobs ago. :uhh:

hrms… you guys still in 13th!!!

Well we just thrashed 3DNow… they look like someone ran them over with a truck…

and we are still gaining on you… :slight_smile:

just one little irritation between us now that we are in 15th…

– I love this stuff –

lol, you still yapping away :chuckle: We’re still out-producing you puppies on RAC. There’s a gap till we hit #12… :

Every dog has its day… , <<snip>> now yer a bitch :smiley:

If I move from Climate to Seti, that’s 8k per day, can you say byyyyeeeee :sarcwave:

:boggle: You could always slip 20% across to keep us ahead of TPS :wink:

Hey can’t somebody swat that dog with a rolled up news paper!

I fear you are sorely mistaken old chap, we finished waaaaaaay ahead of you mutts in Seti Classic.

The canines are of no consequence, as our RAC is far superior to their’s. It’s TPS that we have to worry about.

Come on you guys, switch some of that classic power over to BOINC SETI! Think of the team!!! :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle: :nod: