who stole the day?

after reading this this from DT i’m beginning to wonder, my mother also earlier today asked me what i was doing for dinner as she thought it was wednesday and i was working. my parter has also just mentioned one of the women at her work was also convinced it was wednsday today :confused:

i blame :alien:

enter conspiracy theory debate below

nothing to do with aliens, being stupid just runs in the family …


Odd - twice today I thought it was Wednesday :scared:

must be the space time wibbly wobbley timey wimey :slight_smile:

That or we have a commonality regarding Leicester :idea:


I had the opposite today. Forgot it was Wednesday and didn’t put the recycling boxes out :frowning: Oh well. Off to Asda later…

Gee, y’gonna recycle Asda? Cool man.

May I offer a solution to The Wednesday Problem?

  1. Like Feb-rua-ry, It’s spelt funny. Wed-nes-day. Instantly iffy. Should be avoided. Stick to, er… Sunday?

  2. But it’s easily avoided. Today, is tomorrow, yesterday. Am I right? Yes I am.

I’m sure there’s a lot of domestic uses for the rule. F’rinstance, “not tonight dear, I can’t spell it”